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AUDIO: A View from the Dugout – James Shields

The Padres land James Shields. The bigger question is, which teams dropped the ball? Kris Dunn, with his View from the Dugout, identifies a few teams that dropped the ball by letting Shields sign with the Padres.

Audio: View from the Dugout – Padres may have Regrets

The San Diego Padres moved prospects to form their 2015 outfield, Kris says Padres may come to regret…

Rays Trade Wil Myers in 3-Team Blockbuster

  When word broke of the Rays and Padres working on a “blockbuster” deal. Sources: #Padres, #Rays discussing significant trade. Talks involve a number of players. Wil Myers would be main piece going to SD. — Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) December 16, 2014 Many wondered why the Rays would be giving up such a young star; […]