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Still Surfin’ With Satriani

  In the early 80’s, there were a few guitarists whose names were synonymous with the instrument that they played and the bands they played with. Iommi, Page, Perry and of course: Van Halen. These axemen not only contributed greatly to the next generation of standout guitar players in Lynch, Mustaine, Wylde and Dimebag, to […]

At the Capital With Mr. Big

  The year was 1988, and hard rock was at its peak. Bands like Aerosmith, Motley Crue, and the Scorpions were being played everywhere. From radio stations to MTV to Friday Night Videos, the rock sound and the scene were everywhere. Van Halen, with a new veteran front person in Sammy Hagar, was picking up […]

Smiling With Satriani

Smiling With Satriani

  Clearwater, Fla. — Guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani and his bandmates played to a packed crowd at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater on Wednesday September 11th in support of his “Unstoppable Momentum” release and gave the crowd everything they could have hoped for. Not only was Joe Satriani touring on “Unstoppable Momentum” but it’s also […]