25 Years Of Hatebreed At the Ritz in Ybor

By on April 19, 2019

Hatebreed (Photo-Steven Muncie)

Iconic Metalcore band Hatebreed, who’s currently in the middle of their 25th anniversary tour,  made a stop at The Ritz Ybor Monday night. This stacked tour also featured Obituary, Terror, Cro-Mags, and Fit For An Autopsy.

Joe Badolato of Fit For An Autopsy (Photo-Steven Muncie)

Jersey City Deathcore band Fit For An Autopsy kicked off the night strong. Starting their set playing “Hydra” from their latest album The Great Collapse.

Pat Sheridan of Fit For An Autopsy (Photo-Steven Muncie)

It was an early start time with Fit For An Autopsy taking the stage at 6:30. But this didn’t stop the main floor of The Ritz from being full of fans ready to get into the pit and sing along. 

John Joseph Of Cro-Mags (Photo-Steven Muncie)

Next on stage was the legendary Cro-Mags. The Hardcore Punk group out of New York got the crowd moving with energy that only frontman John Joesph can bring.

John Joseph Of Cro-Mags (Photo-Steven Muncie)

Known for having a cult-like following, the crowd was 2 stepping and singing along to every word of every song. The set was mostly made up of hits from their first 2 albums, ‘The Age Of Quarrel’ and ‘Best Wishes’.

John Joseph Of Cro-Mags (Photo-Steven Muncie)

The Cro-Mags took a break in the middle of the set to play Bad Brain covers, including ‘Attitude’ and ‘Right Brigade’. The crowd lost their minds during the covers. 

Scott Vogel of Terror (Photo-Steven Muncie)

Terror, A hardcore band from Los Angeles that’s been dominating the scene for over 10 years took the stage next. Lead vocalist Scott Vogel started the set with a set of older songs, including “Lowest Of The Low” as he taunted the crowd to try and get on stage, even with the barrier. A few Terror fans managed to crowd surf to the stage and make it over the barrier to the stage to sing along. 

Martin Stewart of Terror (Photo-Steven Muncie)

John Tardy of Obituary (Photo-Steven Muncie)

After a short break, the crowd anxiously waited for Obituary to take the stage. With Obituary being from Tampa, Florida and considered one of the pioneers of Death Metal, there was a large amount of die-hard fans in attendance. 

Trevor Peres of Obituary (Photo-Steven Muncie)

Obituary started off the set with a heavy hitter in ‘Redneck Stomp’. It didn’t stop there, with 10 albums to choose from there was plenty of classics to choose from. 

Kenny Andrews of Obituary (Photo-Steven Muncie)

After a short turnaround, Hatebreed took the stage with a near sellout crowd anxiously waiting at 10:15 on a Monday night. Frontman Jamey Jasta came out and pumped up the crowd before the band opened with ‘Empty Promises’ from their 1997 debut album.

Wayne Lozinak of Hatebreed (Photo-Steven Muncie)

With it being the 25th anniversary tour of the band, they had a lot of ground to cover with 8 albums to choose from. They jumped around their discography throughout the set, ensuring that old fans and new fans would get their fill. 

Wayne Lozinak of Hatebreed (Photo-Steven Muncie)

Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed (Photo-Steven Muncie)

Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed (Photo-Steven Muncie)
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