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Noemi "la rebelde" Bosques Photo By: RMR Paparazzi / Robert Richards

 St. Petersburg, Fla. – Flyweight female sensation Noemi “la rebelde” Bosques is set for her pro-debut on Friday, February 10th on the Fight Night Productions & Ker’s WingHouse card at the A La Carte Pavilion in Tampa, Florida.

  Bosques bringing a fresh new look and attitude to Tampa boxing, not fighting for fame but fighting for pride, this athlete brings a lot to the table.  Entering the ring in February 10th with Legendary Trainer Jim McLoughlin who is from the famous 4th Street Boxing Gym in St. Petersburg, Florida. McLoughlin known for training Tyrone Booze, Alex Stewart, Ronnie Essett, “Diamond” David Santos, Michael Bent, Derrick Samuels, Jenna Shiver and many others, Jimmy will take on the honors this June of being inducted in the 2012 Class of the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame.

  Bosques quietly made a lot of noise in her amateur career with a ton of action packed fights and successfully competing in 2011 USA Boxing National Championships in Colorado Springs, Co. at 112 pounds.

LatinBox spoke with Noemi Bosques just a few weeks before fight night:

Q: What is your opinion about woman’s boxing today?

A: I’m a huge fan of women boxing. I think that women are perfectionists and the most dedicated beings there are and if they have a goal, they’ll kill to reach it. With that being said, we have a lot more skill (in general) and media attention if some of these great trainers would have the balls, and confidence and dedication to us as we have for this sport. Women debuting in the Olympics are a huge marking stone; I think this will be a new era of great, more skilled women boxing!!

Q: A young woman just starting her career as an amateur, what advise can you give her?

A: My advice to a young woman just beginning her career would be: find a team that has your best interests. There are more sharks than good people and to them you are just a product, a Pitt bull that fights in a yard. Look out only for yourself and only trust the people who were with u in the beginning. Play the game like a chess match, there’s more than just the fight in the ring. In actuality, I believe the fight might be the easiest part of the whole process…. But then again, that’s the part we live the most isn’t it?? Lol

Q: What do you consider your finest achievement in amateur boxing?

A: I consider the finest achievement in my amateur career would be not only qualifying for the nationals against one of the top ranked amateur fighters, but beating a former national champ in Colorado Springs. And all this in the first ever women Olympic trial qualifier in history!! I think that s soooo cool.

Q: To what extent did Super Middleweight Ahsandi “Mr. Brixx” Gibbs influence you in your career and life?

A: Ahsandi “Mr.Brixx” Gibbs had a huge influence in my boxing. When I first started training for my early amateur fights he was there with me every morning, showing me small thing like how to run, how to breath when I was tired, how to fight tired, how to eat to keep my weight down. I got to experience his training camps with him and the whole entire fight process with him. I thank God for him because I think I learned more through his boxing experiences then I have my own! He’s become something like a mentor for me and I’m blessed not only to call him my best friend, but my lifelong love.

Q: “No No” you like to be called how did you get the name?

A: NoNo is just a nickname everyone calls me lol, short for Noemi, no more than that . My ring name “la rebelde” is something my mother used to always call me growing up, guess that just kind of stuck.

Q: How long have you been training for your debut on February 10th and how has camp been going?

A: I been conditioning for my debut for a couple months now. It’s actually kind of hard to say when I actually started since I’m always training anyway. I practically live in the gym lol

Q: Describe Noemi’s style, Boxer, brawler, attacker, pressure, jabber, knock out power give us a brief description on what to expect?

A: Noemi’s style: lol…. I’m not telling I can say that I’m like a reversible coat…. And can switch styles just as fast at any given moment. I’ve been trained by different trainers, and while some might say this confuses a fighter, or that it isn’t “right” I feel it’s shown me more angles than a fighter w just one trained style can learn. I feel that if I have to box, it’ll b easy for me. If I have to brawl, I’ll be well conditioned for it. What I can tell u to expect is finesse and beauty across that ring every time.

Q: Approaching your fight coming soon a local icon 2012 Florida Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee Jim McLoughlin will be working your corner talk about the relationship and chemistry?

A: Jim McLoughlin will be working my corner for this event. I think it’s awesome to have the 2012 Florida Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee in my corner. I feel I know him well and he’s watched me develop. When he was training  NABF Champion Jenna “Cow Girl” Shiver who is currently ranked num 1 by IBO,  I was there every single fight sparring with her and helping her get ready. So even when he wasn’t my trainer he was there. Lol. He’s someone I’ve known since the beginning and I’m curious to see how this develops.

Q: Fighting under FightNight Productions & Ker’s WingHouse card for your pro-debut what are your thoughts?

A: Fighting on the Winghouse Fight Night card and it’s a local fight here in Tampa. I’m most excited about being able to perform for friends and family since it’s not something I’ve had the honor of doing often. Most my fights were in other cities and states so this is truly an honor. Wing house Fight Night always sells out their shows and I’m excited to have a large audience for this first pro fight.

Thank you Noemi good luck February 10th.  

Bosques: Thank you.

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