Articles By: Bryce Cook


    On January 18th the Baseball Writers of America voted on the Hall of Fame induction class of 2017, and for the first time the steroid era was strongly represented. Yes, Mike Piazza was elected last year. However, this year’s class puts the wheels in motion for the flood gates to open and for […]

Leftover Crack is Getting Stale

“You know there ain’t no thing as Leftover Crack”!   This is a phrase that echoed loudly throughout the punk rock community back in 2001. Yet this battle cry became dormant over 12 years ago leaving every street punk and gay rude boy to wonder what the hell happened to this iconic anthem.  Well to […]

R.I.P….Ride in Peace Dave Mirra

In today’s world it’s hard to drive down the street and not see a group of kids riding skateboards on the sidewalk, or even a child’s bike that doesn’t have pegs on the front and rear hubs.  I even bet that no matter where you live that if you Google skate park there is probably […]