Leftover Crack is Getting Stale

By on February 13, 2016

You know there ain’t no thing as Leftover Crack”!  

Left Over Crack

This is a phrase that echoed loudly throughout the punk rock community back in 2001. Yet this battle cry became dormant over 12 years ago leaving every street punk and gay rude boy to wonder what the hell happened to this iconic anthem.  Well to understand this one sentence you first have to understand one of the more underground punk bands (redundant statement) to pop up this century.  The appropriately named Leftover Crack first cracked the scene (no pun intended) under the name Choking Victim with their song Infested all the way back in 1998 on  Hellcat Records inaugural compilation Give Em’ The Boot Vol. I.  Though only 2 members made the cut to their predecessor, Stza (guitar), and Ezra (lead vocals) were by far the most important ones, and they would give both bands the iconic sound that everyone would associate with the 2 acts. Though there was an ultra independent follow up album in 2004 it was so irrelevant that even a die hard fan like me can’t tell you anything about it without hitting the interwebs for information.

Then just a few short weeks ago a ray of hope came out of the blue.  As I was scrolling through the Fat Wreck Chords website I noticed something on the home page under new releases.  Could it be true? Were my eyes deceiving me?  No they weren’t because right there in front of me was one of favorite bands, back from the dead, and they had found a new home on one of the last truly punk labels.  Immediately I jumped over to Spotify to listen to an old love (cause who has time to buy anything when you can get it for free).  With expectations through the roof I pressed play, and then instantly sunk into a world of disappointment and mediocrity. Now Constructs Of The State isn’t an awful album as a whole, but it definitely leaves something to be desired.  One of the main reasons it took the band so long to produce their third album was the many side projects the band members experimented with.  The most well know of these groups was by far Star F**king Hipsters, and just half way through Constructs Of The State you can’t tell which band of the two you’re actually listening too.

Now the album in its entirety isn’t so dreadful it doesn’t deserve a listen.  In fact Constructs Of The State does deliver in several areas.  For starters the album from top to bottom is filled with that crusty gutter punk sound that Leftover Crack has always been known for.  Also (and most important) is that it passes the circle pit test.  By this I mean if you’re playing any of the songs (especially Bedbugs and Beyond and The Lie of Luck) there is a good chance you will find yourself swinging your arms, picking up change, and yes, running in a circle.  So if you’re a true punk fan go ahead and give it a listen, you’ll like it more then you will hate.  But if you’re a die hard Leftover Crack fan tread with caution because you might be let down.

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