Busby Death Chair: Guaranteed to Ruin Your Day

By on October 24, 2015

busbyTradition is important, some choose to carry a flame of tradition by copying what their mentors or idols have done in the past, while others decide to take what they have learned and make some tweaks to things. Busby Death Chair took what they liked, took what the learned, they added some barley and hops and cooked up a huge batch of what I am calling RUSTBELT ROCK!!

They have hints of a throwback type of band; throwbacks to the likes of Motorhead, Black Sabbath, The Ramones, Judas Priest, KISS and old Metallica. Artistically speaking, they have everything you want to hear in a band, Busby Death Chair does not disappoint on the arrangement, the production, the music, the lyrics or the vocals. They are a true metal band by every sense of the word.

I handed their album “Guaranteed To Ruin Your Day” to a couple friends that typically would not be playing music from this genre, and the consensus was the same across the board… THEY F-ING ROCK!!! And to be honest, they do just that…



Hailing from the mean streets of Allen Park, Michigan Lead Singer Iro Galea works as a Sheet Metal Worker for the Local 292 Union by day but by night he transforms himself into the gravel voiced, beer drinking, bearded front man of Busby Death Chair. Gravel voiced may not due him justice, he really sounds like he has gargled with Acetone or some type of caustic chemical for many years to have a voice like this, I mean that in the most positive way. I tried to sing along with his vocals, in his voice and my throat was not happy about it, it give MAJOR props to Iro for being able to withstand the stress he puts on his vocal cords. If you love Metal you will thoroughly enjoy his vocals.

Ed McEachern absolutely destroys it on the drums, he just doesn’t let up. Ed is a construction worker by trade which translates well into his drumming… He HAMMERS away at the drums and NAILS the beats! He really BUILDS a secure Platform for the rest of the band to follow. Yeah I just did that!

Lance Runngren, the shredder on Guitar can really play; he is the Rock Star of the band according to Iro. In my opinion, Lance channels the guitar gods of the past, he has so much talent that it sounds effortless at what he does, but he is putting together some pretty incredible runs together. Check out “Dying is Easy” and you’ll see what I mean.

Last but not least we have the Rock, the driving force of Busby Death Chair on Bass, Tim Thompson. Tim is the guy that arranges the music does a lot of the writing and is the glue that holds Busby Death Chair together. Typically Bass players don’t get the recognition they so truly deserve, Tim here… he can flat out play and knowing that he does so much else makes appreciate his talent even more, as the bass player Tim keeps everybody else in check, he links the harmony and the rhythm. Tim grooves with a heavy and melodic vibe and through it all he just looks cool as hell on stage.

These guys are all Blue Collar workers in the Detroit area; they work hard and play hard on stage, they deserve to be heard. Busby Death Chair is one of the many bands in the Detroit area that seem to be forming a brotherhood that put out great music on a regular basis, put on great shows for their fans and continue to influence music a positive way.

You all need to give Busby Death Chair a listen, you need to support them and you need to buy their merchandise, these guys work hard on and off the stage and truly deserve your support. Go to their Facebook Page and follow them, buy their album and t-shirt, help them out.


Go on… go do it, don’t wait, don’t be lazy they are only a click away.

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