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By on August 9, 2010

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Slow Burning Car, hit CD "Vol.2-The Scattering"

I’ve been a music fan my entire life.  I pride myself on finding bands that may not be a main stream hit but make great music. A perfect example of this would be Los Angeles based SLOW BURNING CAR. Let me tell you how I found about this group; I was in my local bar having a chat with the bartender about music and he mentioned he was in a band.  Which, by the way, this is a rather common thing to hear in Hollywood. I’ve heard it all from “we are really a young band so we don’t have anything you can hear but we are going to be great” to “Man I wish you could hear my stuff, I just don’t have anything on me”. This day was a little different; Mike the bartender mentioned his band’s CD was in the jukebox, a juke box that was already one of the best juke boxes in Hollywood. I asked which song I should play and he replied “Any, they are all good”, and guess what?  He was right. I ended up playing 5 or 6 songs and he graciously thanked me each time.  When I talked to the lead singer and main song writer Troy Spiropoulos, I found that graciousness was something that was a constant in the band. Formed in San Pedro California, Slow Burning Car has been able to introduce themselves to music fans all over the Los Angeles area and beyond. They’ve toured from Los Angeles to Washington State, Boston and London over the past few years and Slow Burning Car is not slowing down.

Slow Burning Car is without a doubt a rock band, and if you close your eyes while listening to their music, you will feel like you are back in the heyday of Hollywood Rock and Roll. They have songs that although released over the past few years sound like they could have been released in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Their music is a mixture of what each band member is good it and it all comes together to make very impressive sounds. They do not hinder themselves with just one genre, and they can go from an industrial sound to acoustic to rock to metal. One thing is for certain Slow Burning Car music will always get you amped. They never slow down, something is always happening rather it be a heavy drum beat, or a killer guitar solo to a masterful change of vocals, they just make music. Slow Burning Car is one of those bands that will not settle on one sound and they will continue to grow as a band. You will find great guitar riffs, solid vocals, and deep pounding drums. Slow Burning Car is a band on the rise in Los Angeles and from what I know they will continue to push themselves to the next level of music. Leading the way will be Troy Spiropoulos on vocals and bass, Mike Zimmerman on drums and vocals, Victor Bishop on the Keyboard and Vince Aaland on lead guitar. They have a new Album out titled “Volume 2: The Scattering” and some of the key songs on it are “In the Trees”, “Man in Crisis” and my favorite “Call my Bluff”. You can pick it up on iTunes, or you can go directly to their website and order.

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