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Joshua Ott's column, "OT with Josh" is as outspoken as it can be. Joshua is fan of music, film, literature, television and sports and loves to hunt for new artists and athletes that may be overlooked by the MAINSTREAM media. Joshua has been involved with the entertainment scene from making documentary films, photography, running his own club to managing bands and helping them develop as artists. Joshua currently lives in Los Angeles, he was born and raised in Ohio and also lived in Georgia while he was in the United States Army.

Adios Amigos!

  The injury bug has hit the Browns Organization harder than a Mike Tyson uppercut; it’s left the team on the ropes, not down and out but damn close. Guys like RG3, McCown, Nassib, Coleman and Erving have had their season cut short one way or another. To me the Nassib and Coleman injuries sting […]

The 13: featuring Jenny Woo

Jenny Woo gives me faith in humanity, not only is she is an extremely talented song writer and musician she is humble, articulate, and kind. Jenny Woo is a hardworking, world traveling musician that promotes inner strength and self-reliance. I think it’s pretty safe to say that the World needs more people like her. All […]

The Land

I was going to remain silent and let others speak about the Cavs winning a Championship, but over the course of a few days and seeing hundreds of photos from the Championship Parade I feel compelled to pen something myself. To be honest I really didn’t think the Cavs could do it, I thought the […]

The 13: Featuring Mick Geggus

Football (soccer), Boxing, Leading men and The Royal Family are a few of the topics we touch on with this installment of THE 13. This time around we have legendary Punk guitarist and founding member of the COCKNEY REJECTS, Mick Geggus. Make sure you show your support by checking out their band site: 1. […]

The 13: featuring Jesika von Rabbit

Versatile, eccentric, electric, artistic, glamorous and colorful are a few ways to describe Jesika von Rabbit, but that would only be hitting the tip of the iceberg. Jesika is already the Queen of the High Desert but I think her Rule will expand past that in the near future. Is she Disco, electropop, rock? To […]

You Ott to be Listening Volume 8: The Noi!se Special Edition

Normally I would be presenting you with 10 songs from all genres, today is a little different. Today I give Noi!se, a Street Punk band from Tacoma, Washington. I’ll still give you 10 great songs (maybe if you are really good I’ll give you few special bonus tracks too). Screw it… Be as bad as […]

The 13 – Featuring Jack Grisham

What is “The 13” you ask? It’s simple, 13 questions and answers with interesting people. This time we have Jack Grisham, the front man of the legendary punk band, T.S.O.L. letting us peak into his wonderful and artful mind. Ott: T.S.O.L. has a new album coming out (which I can’t wait to hear), what can […]

You Ott to be Listening: Volume 7

This week’s playlist is nothing but covers. Covers go a long way with me and these 10 go the distance. Don’t forget to support the bands, and when I say support I don’t just me listen to their songs… I’m talking buying their Merchandise, go to their shows, and help promote them. O’Keefe Music Foundation: […]

You OTT to be Listening Volume 6

Follow me on twitter at @Otts_thoughts 20 Watt Tombstone “Goddamn” – @20watttombstone Ignite “This is War” – @ignite2 Prong “Ultimate Authority” – @prongmusic Kaleo “No Good” – @officialKaleo Jesika Von Rabbit “Glamorous Misery” – @JesikaVonRabbit Maid Of Ace “Stay Away” – @MaidofAce Stone Driver “Icarus Cycle” – @stonedriverband Ruben Cheney “Defeat the Gravity” – @Ruben7Seven […]

Ott’s Mock 2016

Working on a mock draft is ridiculously time consuming and aggravating to the point I want to punch a hole in the wall… yet I gut check myself through it year in and year out… 3 rounds is all you get out of me this year. I try to come up with scenarios that make […]