The 13: featuring Jesika von Rabbit

By on June 8, 2016
photo courtesy of Marina Chavez

photo courtesy of Marina Chavez

Versatile, eccentric, electric, artistic, glamorous and colorful are a few ways to describe Jesika von Rabbit, but that would only be hitting the tip of the iceberg. Jesika is already the Queen of the High Desert but I think her Rule will expand past that in the near future. Is she Disco, electropop, rock? To be honest I really can’t say she is one specific genre other than she is von Rabbit. Alone she stands in the Desert high on her throne with no fear of being overtaken. Here you have THE 13, a glimpse inside the mind of the Queen of the High Desert! All Hail… Jesika von Rabbit!!!

1.    Sanders, Clinton or Trump? Yes you have to pick one.

 Jello Biafra…… ok, Colonel Sanders, I suppose…I get really turned off by politics.

2.  What inspires you? Colors, sounds, shapes, clothes.

3.       What scares the shit out of you?  Crashing into the ocean and getting eaten by sharks.

4.       Who is the most overrated musician/band out right now?  Gaga.

5.       What are your thoughts on musicians that lip synch during a live show?  Those aren’t musicians.

6.       Why is Joshua Tree such a magical place?  It’s not, don’t move here. Don’t visit.

7.       Do you believe in extraterrestrial beings? If so have you had any close encounters out in the desert?  Yes, I saw a huge ship along the eastern mountain range of Mt. Whitney around Lone Pine, Ca. It looked to be the size of a football field in the sky. I reported it to the National UFO Hotline the next morning. It blew my mind and still does.


8.       What is your most sentimental possession?  Early Gram Rabbit demos.

9.       If you could pick any historical figure/notable personality from the past or present to go on a cross country road trip with who out you select and explain why that person.   Hunter S. Thompson.

10.   Rank the following in order from favorite (number 1) to least favorite (number 5).

A.      Willie Nelson     1

B.      Erasure               5

C.      KISS                  3

D.      Joy Division       2

E.       Massive Attack   4

11.   Of all the songs you have written which one are the most proud of?  That’s really, really tough. I can’t pick just one… I really like Eeyore off of Gram Rabbit’s “Welcome to the Country Record.”  but then there’s Devil’s Playground, California Christmas, Witness etc etc.


12.   You are obviously a fan of all genres of Art… so let me ask you this… Who are some of your favorite painters? My good friend Bret Philpot. ( )

13.   Word association time: I’ll give you a few names/words and you give me the first thought that pops in your head:

A.      Burning Man = Naked Lawyers

B.      David Bowie= Over- rated ….. just kidding, ummm  Orange Alien 

C.      Master and Servant=    my personal relationships

“Spice Girls Leak”

“Desperate Heart”

“Glamorous Misery”

“Looking for a Weirdo”

California Christmas


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