The 13: Featuring Mick Geggus

By on June 21, 2016

cockney rejects Football (soccer), Boxing, Leading men and The Royal Family are a few of the topics we touch on with this installment of THE 13. This time around we have legendary Punk guitarist and founding member of the COCKNEY REJECTS, Mick Geggus.

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1. Have you been to any U.S. cities that remind you of East End? If so which ones and why?

Definitely places like Queens, the Bronx and some parts of Brooklyn. They used to have the same atmosphere of home grown menace when I started coming over back in the ’80’s that reminded me so much of home, but like the East End of London they have undergone a massive transformation in the last 20 years and are much more cosmopolitan.


2. Who would win a boxing match you or your brother?

I always thought Jeff was a better boxer than me (he disagrees of course) although I went undefeated throughout my career I fought a fair few tomato cans and Jeff fought at a higher level. So my answer is Jeff!

3. Who should be cast as the next James Bond?

I think the series has run its course. Sky fall was great, Spectre was a missed opportunity and now it’s just getting boring. No Bond film will ever top Goldfinger, anyway.


4. Who is your favorite guitarist of all time?

There have been many I’ve admired since I was young, including Hendrix, Page and Billy Gibbons, but probably the biggest influence was Queen’s Brian May.


5. Who are a few Bands out right now that you really enjoy listening to?

Right now I’m enjoying Danish hard rock band Volbeat. I hadn’t heard of them until recently until someone played me a song of theirs called ‘Lola Montez’ which is absolutely brilliant! Check it out!


6.  If a movie was made about the Cockney Rejects who should be cast to play you and your brother?

Ha ha good one. I’d say Michael Cera for young Jeff and Danny de Vito for me!


7.  In your opinion who are the 3 greatest football players? (Soccer for those in the U.S.)

For me it’s gotta be Bobby Moore (West Ham legend) the great Pele, and Northern Ireland’s Georgie Best.


8. What is the greatest sporting memory you have?

West Ham winning the FA cup in 1980 and being in a closed circuit cinema watching in total disbelief as Marvelous Marvin Hagler went to war with Tommy Hit Man Hearns. Still gives me goosebumps just thinking about those two events.

9. Which is safer: playing a live show, being in the ring or being in the stands at a West Ham game?

Nowadays sitting in the stands at a West Ham game is as safe as can be. All of the new laws passed over the last two decades have made it pretty impossible for anyone to cause any shit. Back in the ’70’s and ’80’s it was a different matter- it was like a fucking bearpit! Boxing’s one on one but always dangerous and the difference between playing a gig in the late ’70’s and now is chalk and cheese. You had a good chance of being seriously injured or even killed back then- Now everyone comes together under one roof and it’s a joy. There is no room for any kind of stupid violence at our gigs these days. They are mutual celebrations between us and our audience.

10.  Who are a few musicians you looked up when you were getting started in music?

We didn’t know any! When you come from a boxing/football background you don’t know many musicians. That’s why we were never accepted in the early years, because we were such unlikely people to be in a band. But 36 years on and we have many musician pals.

11. How would you describe West Ham United fans?

We are family. It’s a thing that was pumped into you from a very young age in our part of London. Although we have been around the world and added to West Ham’s international fan base, there are a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon and haven’t an ounce of West Ham in them. And that’s pathetic.

12. What is the happiest moment of your life?

Hard to say. Sometimes just sitting on a hill on a warm summer’s evening overlooking the sea in the beautiful West coast of England, away from all the noise and city chaos seems as good as any.

13. Word Association time: I’ll give you a few words/names and you tell me the 1st thoughts in your mind.

A. Lennox Lewis: Canadian.

B. The Royal Family: love and respect.

C. Oi!: Don’t politicize it. It’s just Rock ‘N’ Roll from the streets. And that’s all it should be.

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