The 13 – Featuring Jack Grisham

By on May 20, 2016

Live form LBWhat is “The 13” you ask? It’s simple, 13 questions and answers with interesting people. This time we have Jack Grisham, the front man of the legendary punk band, T.S.O.L. letting us peak into his wonderful and artful mind.

  1. Ott: T.S.O.L. has a new album coming out (which I can’t wait to hear), what can you tell me about the album? What was the main inspiration behind the new songs?

Jack Grisham: I’m not sure there’s any real inspiration behind the songs, I just enjoy making things. Picture, if you will, an old time sanitarium or mental hospital. The patients that were able to were put to work doing things to keep them occupied–making blankets, baskets, etc. Music and writing are my things. I need them or it gets worse.

  1. Ott: Why Music? What made Jack Grisham want to be a musician?

Jack Grisham: I fell into it. I’m actually not a talented musician. My brain just forces or muddles its way through. (See above)

  1. Ott: What are your thoughts on the current Punk music scene?

Jack Grisham: Is there one? I thought things were just music these days.

  1. Ott: What are your guilty pleasures these days?

Jack Grisham: Shitty, think about nothing comedies that allow me to turn off the head.

  1. Ott: In your younger years you were known as a bit of a hell raiser, who is the most famous person you’ve ever punched?

Jack Grisham: I’m not proud of being violent. I did it because I was hurt and afraid. I did, for fun one time, kick El Duce into a urinal while he was pissing. I think he thought it was funny afterwards.

  1. Ott: Trump, Clinton and Sanders each ask you to be their Vice President… what do you say to each one?

Jack Grisham: The first two I would give nothing but pleasantries to, Sanders, I would offer a cup of coffee and a chat involving nothing but the weather–he must be tired.

  1. Ott: What is the most Heartbreaking moment of your life?

Jack Grisham: I’m not sure that I’ve suffered it yet.

  1. Ott: Hunter S. Thompson, Charles Bukowski or Aldous Huxley?

Jack Grisham: All at different times. Great writers are like a storm or a sunny day, each taken in their measure, and at the appropriate times.

  1. Ott: If you had super powers what would they be, what name would you go by and would you use them for good or evil?

Jack Grisham: I do have superpowers and during a lecture I was explaining to the audience how you could break someone with the proper word combinations. A woman, elderly with nice sagging tits said, “But couldn’t you do the same to help someone?” I’d never thought of that.

  1. Ott: What are your nightmares like?

Jack Grisham: Always the same… Wandering through abandoned buildings after an apocalypse or a mass exodus.

  1. Ott: What is your most prized possession?

Jack Grisham: There is nothing that you could take that I would not do as well without.

  1. Ott: What is your favorite T.S.O.L. song?

Jack Grisham: Once again, my favorite is the one the mood calls for–the crowd either seething and needing to explode or to be brought back, calmly, resting before the next assault.

  1. Ott: Word association time: I’ll give you three names and you must describe them using only one word.
  1. Keith Morris
  2. Ronald Reagan
  3. Rodney Bingenheimer

Jack Grisham:

  1. Keith Morris: Kind
  2. Ronald Reagan: aftershave
  3. Rodney Bingenheimer: quirky
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