The Fifth Wheel (Even Without Wings)

By on April 26, 2015


What are you doing today? Well cancel whatever plans you have, sit down and play this album… I don’t care if you have a job interview, a child’s birth or a funeral to go to, they can all wait for you or do without you until you have completed these 10 songs.  Even Without Wings, the latest album by THE FIFTH WHEEL, is worth the time my friends.

I can’t say a bad thing about the album, it’s well produced, it’s well written, strong vocals and the overall arrangement is spot on.  Josh Stone, the vocalist, proves that when you love what you are doing it shows and it resonates and becomes contagious. Bob Marley said it best; “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”, when I played this album for the 1st time I instantly understood what Bob meant , and now that I’ve played it through, more times than I can count, I must say…. Even Without Wings makes me feel no pain.

Bravo to these guys, BRA—FUCKING—VO!!! They have been at this music thing for over 20 years and like fine wine they seem to be getting better and better over time. This trio put a ton of work into this album and really shows. I want you to pay special attention to my two favorite tracks; the first one is titled “Conditions” and the second is “Info”.  Those two tracks really move me “Conditions” lyrically plows you over and “Info” is gritty and dark. I highly recommend you turn the volume up for both.

While I applaud them on the overall album I have to add a few critiques in here as well. First off I think Josh Stone needs to trust his range a little more. I think he has a very unique voice and is far more capable than he gives himself credit for. I would like to see him get a little more gravelly with his vocals at times; he is more than able to do so he gives little teasers in their song “Info”, which is one of my favorite on the album. I also think the guitarist, Jeff Koval, should shred a little harder on a few more songs, this guy has so much talent but at times it feels like he is holding back. Matt Coughlin, the drummer does a masterful job as well, but just like Jeff holds back. I get they are not a hard rock band but at times a little nastiness goes a long way.

I can hear their influences; I can pick out hints of The Smiths and New Order, but they don’t pretend to be anything they are not, they are who they are. They are THE FIFTH WHEEL! No gimmicks, no jerking you around, they play their music their way and you can either enjoy the ride (I do) or you can move on. They are artists, they are musicians and they are poets, modern day renaissance men. I was just going to do a review of each song and write about it but this album spans years in the making and just to give a basic review would be an injustice, they gave us a gift of music now it’s time for all of us to go enjoy it.

I know this album took a very long for these guys to complete, I think the three of them may have a little issue with being perfectionists, it shows on this album and it shows in each song. Far too often musicians will put out garbage just to put something out and hope their fans accept it, THE FIFTH WHEEL didn’t do that, they waited, they worked, they perfected what they had and now, after years, they have released a near perfect album for all to enjoy it shows pain, it shows happiness and it shows the art of living…. What the hell are you waiting for…follow the links and support them.  GO!!! NOW!!!!

Fifth Wheel!/thefifthwheel/album/96824-even-without-wings

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