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By on August 7, 2013

OK here is the deal; I’ve just completed listening to the best Rap album of the year, to date.  It has everything you need and ask for and more.  It has deep lyrics, heavy beats, amazing production and incredible collaborations. From the 1st song to the very last I was locked in, locked in so much I listened to the entire album about 8 times yesterday.  Oh you want to know which album it is? Sorry, I was so caught up in the moment I almost forget to tell you, “SOMETHING ELSE” by Tech N9ne. I’ve been a fan of his since as far back as I can remember and I can honestly say this is his best album.


Not one to beg for the Mainstream recognition he may just have no choice after this album gets out to the masses. Not all songs are radio friendly but in today’s age, they don’t need to be. Tech has stayed true to what he is, a poet with an aggressive side. He wants to tell you a story, but you need to follow at his pace. He is the rappers version of Hunter S. Thompson. It’s his ride, it’s his story and you have to just sit back and enjoy the ride, through all the twists, turns and almost bipolar like delivery.


With “SOMETHING ELSE” he didn’t want to go it alone, it’s a journey he seems to have invited a double handful of his friends to join in on. Hell he named his record label, Strange Music after the The Doors and actually samples and works with the remaining members of The Doors on “Strange 2013”. But he also brings in people like up and comers like Kendrick Lamar and Wreckonize, Veteran rappers with Trae the Truth and Game but also introduces us to some amazing new voices from Kendall Morgan and Liz Suwandi, just to name a few.  But to me the most impressive collaboration to me is the one with Tech N9ne and Serj Tankian from System of a Down fame.   (GREAT VIDEO)

“Straight out the Gate” is a powerhouse of a track and my favorite on the album. It has heavy guitar riffs, perfect production and the blend of Tech’s angry delivery and Serj’s melodic tones is really “SOMETHING ELSE”, something you wouldn’t expect and something you can’t get enough of. My 1st impression was simply “HOLY FUCK!” my 2nd impression was “THIS IS HARD” my 3rd impression was “PERFECT DUO”.


“Fragile” Featuring Kendrick Lamar and Kendall Morgan is a very intimate track showing the more emotional side of Tech N9ne. Adding Kendrick Lamar adds to the depth of the track but also proves that Kendrick is going to be around for years to come.  The most surprising aspect of the track is the vocals from Kendall Morgan.  With the right people around her she could be the next big thing. This girl has some AMAZING PIPES!


“With the BS” Featuring Big Scoob, Red Café, and Trae the Truth is like a volley fire in on a battlefield.  Trae the Truth and Tech really take center stage and they work so well together I can see them working together in the future.


“Love 2 Dislike Me” Featuring Liz Suwandi and Tyler Lyon is a song that gives your Rap, Rock, Metal, and fluid jazz like vocals all in one track. I can’t stress enough how well produced this track is. Seven is the producer on many of the tracks on the album but the way he was able to blend all these styles together on this track is genius. Although it’s Tech track he almost takes the backseat and lets Liz and Tyler showcase their vocals (which are really impressive).


“So Dope” Featuring Snow the Product, Twisted Insane and Wreckonize… this is Tech’s party song, this the track that will make the dancers ass cheeks go CLAP CLAP CLAP. Snow the Product is a much better rapper than any other female out there right now; she is crisp, vulgar and can rap as fast as the fella’s. Twisted Insane and Wreckonize are an added treat for your ears. (WATCH THE VIDEO)


In the end, “Something Else”  does what I think Tech wanted it do, make you think, nod your head and enjoy the music, I can’t go back and think of one aspect he should change. Granted there were rumors of Eminem, Nas and Corey Taylor all being a part of this album but I think “Something Else” is just fine without them. There is always next time, because with Tech N9ne his brain seems to be working in warp speed so for all we know he may already have his next album planned out.


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