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By on August 7, 2013

Collaborations in the Rap game can make or break you, if it works out you end up looking like Jay- Z and Justin Timberlake going on a World Tour selling out Stadiums along the way, or if it fails you look like Method Man and Limp Bizkit … yeah that bad. Well I have been thinking of a few Collabs that would, in my genius mind, be WINNERS!

  1. MGK + Snow the Product: Speed would kill on this duo; they are both young and ready to spit rapid fire rhymes while holding a middle finger to the naysayers. This would have to be produced by Mannie Fresh, it would be a true party track!


  1. Bizzy Bone + Kendrick Lamar: Kendrick has an unusual and raspy delivery and mixing that with the ever famous melody of Bizzy Bone would work. Not only would it work but it would be a nice bridge of old school to new school. I would love to see Rza produce this simply because I think it would be a mind blowing beat with some crazy ass lyrics.

  1. Krayzie Bone  + Wreckonize: Again, Speed kills, again old school with new school . I think both of these guys are underrated and together they could spit out more syllables than your brain could handle. I would invite DJ Premier to produce this track.


  1. Nas + Tech N9ne: 2 of the best rappers alive. Enough said! Only one Producer could do this duo justice, yes that’s right Dr. Dre, I would be ok with him putting in some work on vocals as well.

  1. Eminem  + Lajon Witherspoon: Eminem may be the most chameleon like rapper alive, he is able to adjust his style to fit the beat, the mood all while sounding like Eminem. Lajon Witherspoon has some of the most impressive vocals you’ve ever heard. A white rapper and a black metal singer…yeah that’s breaking Stereotypes all around. Of course Rick Rubin would need to produce it.


Now, I’m not saying they would all be blockbuster hits, but….wait who am I kidding, of course they would be.

Before you get all emotional and start whining about how styles don’t match and how I left your idea off just remember this, I am hardly ever wrong. Notice you will not find any Drake, Lil Wayne or Kanye pairings, well that’s because those 3 are HORRIBLE but for the sake of being fair I will make a collaboration list for them as well.

Drake + a shot gun blast

Lil Wayne + a burning car

Kanye + a talentless gold digging baby mama, wait he did that one already… how about a throat cancer.

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