Trial and Tribulations of an aspiring Golfer Post Game

By on February 3, 2016


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The days after an event are sometimes the most important. How will you recover? How will you grow?

After months of preparation I went into the qualifier feeling pretty good about myself and my abilities. Well that went well… clearly! If you fall, get back on that horse and ride right!! Which is what I intended to do!

The next day I did have to go back to work because CLEARLY golf wasn’t paying the bills. Working 40 hours a week in order to pay bills and Entry fee’s then adding in the rest of daylight at 4hrs a day of golf work makes for a really long grind. I have neglected my friends, my bars and my dirty eating habits over the last few months. Don’t get me wrong I am in great shape (in comparison to my old self) and enjoy clean eating and gym time. The feeling it gives you is incredible. Even though none of my clothes fit anymore and I look like a 1984 Hip Hop artists baggy clothes with my belt tongue hanging down like a panting dog.

After work it was time for golf!! I was paired up with a longtime friend, who as of late has “OWNED” me. He had beaten me at least 4 of the last 5 rounds. Today I was ready for him! I shot -15 in the first round and ended up beating him in the rubber match to take the Win 2-3. The only thing I swung that afternoon were 32oz of draughts beer while played Arcade golf at our watering hole. Not to mention the pizza, golden med wings, and cheese sticks that snuck their way into my belly! Yes people I was eating and drinking my feelings! HA!!

I’m not going to lie, that binge was great! It helped me take my mind off things for a day and numb some pain. Let’s not think of how I’ll feel the next morning, But I’m sure I’ll be full of regret from the food I just inhaled and its discomfort in my belly.

I think I could describe or compare my golf swing right now to my past relationships. It feels good when it’s right but as soon as it feels different and doesn’t need you it turns sour, it lies to you and loses its loyalty. Why can’t my golf swing be more like a dog? It accepts you for who you are, loyal no matter how bad you swing it and is there for you when you need it.

The next morning I was up early despite the train wreck in my head and the boiler in my belly. I hit the driving range with a mission. I went into the session with the same mind frame I always do. First we hit shots for an hour working on tempo and ball striking. Usually I pick out 3 or 4 targets ranging from 75- 125yds. I don’t like to hit the same shot over and over. Very rarely on a golf course will you hit back-to-back shots from the same exact distance. If you do, then you probably whiffed and should try bowling. That is not a crack at Bowling by any means I am the worst bowler ever that is why I attempt golf. Hitting range balls isn’t a race to see how fast you can get through a bucket. “Have a purpose and have a game plan,” Coach D would always say. Approach life the same way, do not just go through the motions each day, set little goals and game plans for success. Of course, why wouldn’t I stripe 90% like I actually knew what the hell I was doing….Damn! I spend the next hour hitting different clubs and shots maintaining the same tempo. In lieu of short game practice I was invited to join a skins game going out to play. This game consisted of a few staff members and friends of friends who were in the business and played Division I Collegiate golf.

One of my friends was rather intrigued, on what I believe was the eleventh hole played, by the skills that were being portrayed from the low handicapped golfers. He, being a solid 12 handicap, couldn’t help but mention how fluid and consistent our moves were. By moves he was referring to what I like to call the “Tiger Woods club drop after an errant tee shot.” He said he was amazed at how well the club falls straight down after impact and he would like to learn that move so he could put it in his golf repertoire. I guess after seeing the brilliance and talent of a good club drop mid impact a few times by the group, who wouldn’t want to learn such elegance? He didn’t ask for any ball striking lessons so I guess that tells you how poor the 6 of us were playing. I walked away with one of the only 4 skins that day so I guess not all was lost. For the record, the hole where I won my skin was a short drive-able par 4 350yds. The monsters I was playing with all tried to use their brute strength and attempted to drive the green and leave themselves a short chip up for an easy birdie. Because my Driver was currently in “time out” I didn’t fall under peer pressure easily and I laid up to 115yds. I proceeded to stuff my wedge to about 9 feet. The rest of the power trips failed to put the ball within 15 feet and missed the putt. I had a slight downhill left to right breaker that moved approximately 2 balls outside left. I took a good stroke on the ball and hit my immediate target. The ball started its fall to the right from about 7 feet away so I decided that I would just walk it in the rest of the way for a nice 3!

Weird how that works when you lay up to your yardage……

Now I want more wings and cold Beer again……..

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