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Feeling the Flow

Ever wonder how good you are and how good you are not? Next time you are at your local golf course measure out the flattest 10 foot putt you can find on the practice green. Now make 50 of those putts in a row. I feel like from tee to green golf can be described […]

ICYMI Interview: Rip Roggow July 19th, 2016

Pro Golfer and RSEN correspondent talks about the historical 2016 Open as Henrik Stenson edged out Phil Mickelson

A Game of Inches

Well I have successfully completed the Open Event. By Success it does not mean I won unfortunately. It was kind of like whip cream on a nice turd. I felt like I was the most prepared for this event mentally and physically. The golf swing mechanics were already in place and the ability is still […]

The Beginning Part 2

A couple of guys at work were throwing around the idea of playing golf over the weekend. They had heard that I also enjoyed the sport and invited me out with them. I was playing golf on the weekends still and made time to hit up the range after work before the sun went down […]

Trial and Tribulations of an aspiring Golfer: In the Beginning Part 1

It was a warm and beautiful May afternoon, not a cloud in the sky. My father, brother and I were hitting golf balls in the middle of nowhere. The 3 Amigos were on a Journey across America! College had just finished up for me and I was taking my talents from Ohio to Arizona to […]

Trial and Tribulations of an aspiring Golfer Post Game

  The days after an event are sometimes the most important. How will you recover? How will you grow? After months of preparation I went into the qualifier feeling pretty good about myself and my abilities. Well that went well… clearly! If you fall, get back on that horse and ride right!! Which is what […]

Lumber Yard

Trial and Tribulations of an aspiring golfer trying to make it out of the woods