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golf club-ballMost importantly I want to thank all of those who have supported me on my journey of the trial and tribulations of seeking the Tour. My Family for always being positive no matter how down I get on myself and my friends who are always there for me. I would also like to thank those that have donated on my account as well. This was very helpful getting in my last event and also inspiring to me! It means you also have faith in me.

Do I have faith in me? Golf is a very humbling game and that is a fact. Hours and hours of practice go into attempting to get better and better. You think that you are making strides and hitting new peaks then tournament day comes and you vomit all over yourself and question everything you have done thus far.

One of our favorite Members here at the course is a retired Doctor, he reads and studies the game of golf like it is as complex as open heart surgery. Well I guess if he were referring to my current state-of-mind it would be as if we were performing the procedure with a spoon and no map. Often I will be out practicing and he will wanderer over and get an update on what we are working on today. Typically asking what angle my right ring toe is at during impact. I usually laugh and tell him I’m more of a feel player. I am most definitely a feel player and not mechanical at all. Makes me laugh a little because it always reminds me of the “Golf’s not hard!” with Tiger Woods Commercials. (Google Machine it) So I’m trying to simplify the game for him as he is attempting to make me more aware of the golf anatomy. He always has his little “Final thought” of his lesson plan for the day. He had a great one for me to ponder. The process of hitting and executing a shot is approximately 4 seconds. Which means, you only have to become 100% focused and into each shot for four seconds! This was a very powerful thought.

Rip (photo by Randy Ornelas)

Rip (photo by Randy Ornelas)

4 Seconds! Clear your mind and commit to a shot for 4 freaking seconds. Sounds so simple but the task itself is like building an igloo in an Arizona summer.

I was playing golf with a few friends the other day and I wasn’t hitting the ball great but was going ok, no disasters. I had a couple of miss cues here and there, but still grinding out some pars for the front nine. I was slightly working on the “4 Seconds” of focus. Playing golf with the boys sometimes is vacation golf and Four Peaks Peaches! We all need a day of fun right! As I stood on the 10th tee box taking practice swings I had a slight swing thought pop up in my head. I didn’t trust the release of the club head through my impact zone. So I told myself, “Self… just give it a go and trust it ALL THE WAY through the swing.” Who cares if it goes dead left, there is a hole that runs parallel and we can always play in from there.

I took my stance and addressed the ball, “Hello Ball.” I started my backswing straight back and set my hands at the top of my rotation. I transitioned into my hip turn starting my down swing and released the club through the impact zone down the target line. For those who had trouble following this let me explain it like this; it felt like Angels from Heaven (Victoria’s Secret) were lifting me up in the air so I was weightless as they sprayed alcohol and tossed grapes into my mouth. That’s normal right!?? I did my best to mimic the move for the rest of the round and made 4 birdies in 9 holes.

The next round I played I really focused hard on staying in the Moment “4 Seconds” at a time and trusting the release. I still made mistakes and forced a couple of bad swings but I stood on the 15th tee and was still 4 under with 2 three putts. Then “I” showed up on the last 4 holes and finished a nice smooth even Par round. So Close!

I spent the next two days searching for that groove again. Where had all my half naked Angels gone and why are they now spraying bleach in my mouth??? It showed up shook its money maker in my face and then left. Something is all too familiar with that analogy with my life.

Tour Event: My goals for the day were to commit to the shot and finish/release every swing. I was floating along for the first 5 holes and had birdie putts on each of them; I even managed to get one to fall in. As I approached the 6th hole is was a short Par 5 playing 540 yards. I stood over my ball and took a deep breath. You don’t have to murder the ball just keep in play and get a close chance at a birdie putt. I almost missed the ball as it flew off the toe of the driver and hit a weak block to the right that barely stayed in bounds. The pin was tucked in the back right corner and very un-accessible to an elevated green, especially when approaching it from the right side of the rough with a hazard that came across the front of the green and ran along the whole right side of it. I had a pretty good lie and was 270 yards to the pin. I had a window left of the green, center of the green if my tee ball would have been remotely accurate, with fairway as you would approach the green form the correct angle as the hole was designed. I was staring at a 230 yard carry over the dried out wash and 260 to go through a landing area that looked like they could have stored Air Force One on it. Everything right, long or short was jail. Put the ball anywhere else and we have a straight forward chip shot and a birdie opportunity, worse case save par and move on.

I didn’t even have to look up when I made an acquaintance with the ball. It wasn’t even a good hello. It was the stranger on the street that hasn’t showered all month and bumps into you on an empty sidewalk. YOU HAVE ROOM BUDDY!? Once again the ball sailed off into the hazard right of the green. I took my drop and had about 50yds to an ant hill. Only the top third of the flag was exposed with no room to work. I shook off the last two shots and went into my routine and took a deep breath, again. Then flopped the next shot high up into the air and I thought I may have brought rain. It was coming straight down like a heat seeking missile zoned in on the bottom of the cup! The ball hit the bottom of the flag 1 inch above the ground level. My “GO IN!!” seemed pretty dumb as the ball did not bless the rains down in Africa and ricocheted 10 feet off the green to a less than desirable flop shot.

And that’s when the whole thing collapsed!! My brain wouldn’t shut off the rest of the day. Every great shot was quickly followed with a blunder like an evil shadow. Par became a rare number!

I was able to make half my money back for at least being in the skins side game so I got that going for me. Thank you again to those who helped the funds for the Mini Tour Event the other day.

Current Status: I need to work Harder and Smarter! Thank you again for your Support!

Brought to you by Four Peaks Brewery and I endorse this Message!

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