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By on February 28, 2012

Gotye featuring Kimbra “Somebody I used to Know”

This one reminds me of Peter Gabriel for some reason, even before I saw the video I thought that and even more so after I watched the video. Kimbra’s voice is killer

Rocket Sports & Entertainment's cover-girl Pristine (photo by Jigs Tambong)

and the 2 of them hit on some amazing notes, I don’t care what type of music you like if you appreciate good music you will enjoy this song.

Machine Gun Kelly featuring Dubo “Cleveland”

A white boy from Cleveland that has a following growing around the globe, he stays true to his Midwest rap style with insane speed and great beats. MGK represents the City of Cleveland every chance he gets, you have to respect that. He also seems to really appreciate and enjoy his fans, which I haven’t seen from a rapper in a very long time.

Hilltop Hoods featuring Sia “I Love It”

Australia has been keeping these guys a secret for years. You really can’t go wrong with any of their music, but this is one of the most recent tracks from a career going back to 1991.

K’NAAN featuring Nas “Nothing to Lose”

K’NAAN has that same Rap/ Singing hybrid that Akon flows with. Born in Somalia then relocating to Canada at age 13 K’NAAN really has a unique sound and feel to him. Adding Nas to any track is like adding bacon to any food, it just makes it better. Nas doesn’t disappoint here either, he does his thing and the both of them together really pull you into the song.

Mastodon “Black Tongue”

One of my favorite heavy metal bands out right now. Insane energy pumps out from one of the best drummers alive in Brann Dailor and vocals that sound like a very young Ozzy out of Brent Hinds. Mastodon is the modern day version of what Heavy Metal is supposed to be, sick guitar work, controlled gut wrenching moans on vocals and a machine gun drum line.

Puscifer “Green Valley”

The eerie vocals of Maynard James Keenan attack you to the core of your being. He puts you into a suspended animation of sorrow and pain, but the trance like tempo locks you in, you just give in to it and close your eyes and drift off.

M.I.A. “Bad Girls”:

Visually one of the most stunning Videos I’ve seen in a long time, the beat kind of sucks you into a head nodding rock and the repetitive lyrics grow on you. If you can’t appreciate the beat and the video then you might want to check your brain.

Jack White “Love Interruption”

Jack White is this generation’s great musical pioneer. Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and Son House all wrapped into a pasty white musical genius with a nonstop work ethic. Pretty much everything Jack White works on is great, it’s just that simple.

Megadeth “Public Enemy No. 1”

Dave Mustaine is still rocking hard since 1981. This song just showcases his teeth grinding, snarl faced vocals and his incredible guitar work. This is the status quo for this Rock God and his crew.

Faith No More “Poker Face”

I love Faith No More, I have since the very 1st time I heard them. I can appreciate what Lady Gaga does, but Ol’ Gagers has nothing on Mike Patton. This is one of my favorite covers of all time. I hope you enjoy.

Cover photo by Jigs Tambong

Note from the editor Rick Sassone:

Pristine is the inaugural cover girl for the first ever Rocket Sports & Entertainment  Magazine released in April 2011.

Twisted”  by Pristine

Pristine in Jason Derulo’s “What If”

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