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The Browns missed the Playoffs, the Lakers are playing like they don’t want to make the playoffs and my sports related depression has kicked in. So what does one do to heal thy self? MUSIC! Music makes everything better; it’s kind of like bacon, just for your ears.

I’ve been on a journey to find impressive covers and remakes. I’ve compiled a list for your hearing pleasure. I’m not going to blow smoke up your ass and tell you that these are better than the originals, although some may be.

Here are 28 covers you may not have heard but should hear. Some are insanely creative and make the song their own, while others choose to stay close the original. I will save my personal top 5 for last.

–          Chris Cornell “Billie Jean” – Michael Jackson: BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL IN MY OPINION.


–          Jeff Buckley “Satisfied Mind” – Joe “Red” Hayes and Jack Rhodes: One of his best songs.


–          Heart with Layne Staley “Ring Them Bells” – Bob Dylan: This song chills me the bones.                                                                                  


–          Cas Haley “Walking on the Moon” The Police:  We be jamming!!!                                                            


–          Lily Allen “Straight to Hell”-  The Clash:  Sweet voice, increadible lyrics!                                                                                          


–          Type O Negative “Summer Breeze”- Seals and Croft:  The Darkness has taken over.                                 


–          Jeffrey Gaines “In Your Eyes” -Peter Gabriel:  He does the song justice.                                                             


–          A Perfect Circle “Imagine” – John Lennon:  Better than the original.                                                         


–          Otan Vargas “Nutshell” – Alice in Chains: Unknown with an incredible voice.                                                             


–          Opeth “Would” – Alice in Chains: They should cover more AIC songs!                                                                               


–          The Black Keys “No Fun” The Stooges: O..H… Represent!                                                                            


–          Avenged Sevenfold “Walk” – Pantera:  Not bad, not great, but not bad.                                                             


–          Corey Taylor “Something I Can Never Have” – NIN:  One of the best voices in music.                                                


–          Adele “Lovesong” – The Cure:  She can just flat out sing!                                                                                            


–          AFI “Ziggy Stardust” – David Bowie: interesting take on the song.                                                                     


–          Morrissey “Satellite of Love” -Lou Reed:    Who doesn’t love Morrissey?                                                                


–          Kimbra “So Real” – Jeff Buckley:     She sounds just like Jeff.                                                            


–          Street Sweeper Social Club “Paper Planes” M.I.A.:   These cats rock!                                             


–          Howie Day “Africa” – Toto: Come on, he covered Africa!                                                          


–          Fuel “Daniel” – Elton John:   great lyrics so if you have decent vocals you better pull it off.                                                                   


–          Slightly Stoopid “I Know you Rider” -Grateful Dead:   I wonder if they all got stoned?                                     


–          Dirtbombs “Living for the City” -Stevie Wonder:  Detroit rock city baby.                                             


–          Newton Faulkner “Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen:   A ginger! Yes a ginger!!!!                              


Now, while I enjoy each of the previous these next 5 are just about as impressive as they get.

–          5. Mark Lanegan “Where Did You Sleep Last Night”- Lead Belly: Eerie, dark and just genius! I absolutely love this song. He nails it. If you come at me saying Nirvana did it better I’ll punch you in the neck.


–          4. Monte Montgomery “Sara Smile” -Hall and Oates: Dude can sing, and stroke the geeetarr!!!                        


–          3. Faith No More “Poker Face” – Lady Gaga:  Better than the original… but my farts are better than the original.    Mike Patton is pretty much one of the best front men of all time.                                    


–          2. Mike Doughty “Real Love” – Mary J. Blige: InFREAKINGcreadible!!! If you don’t like this you have issues that can only be fixed with tons of whiskey and a few bottles of pills.                        


–          1. Puscifer “Rocket Man” Elton John:   Maynard KILLS it! KILLS IT!!!!!                                                


Don’t start bitching and moaning that I skipped over one of your favorite cover songs, this isn’t about you, it’s about me, this is my list. These are not the greatest covers, just covers that I find interesting and refreshing. Enjoy, maybe you will find a few new artists that you hadn’t heard of.





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