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By on September 24, 2016


Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns

The injury bug has hit the Browns Organization harder than a Mike Tyson uppercut; it’s left the team on the ropes, not down and out but damn close. Guys like RG3, McCown, Nassib, Coleman and Erving have had their season cut short one way or another. To me the Nassib and Coleman injuries sting the most, those two impressed me early and I was excited to watch them grow over the season. Now I can just hope they make it back sooner than later and continue to contribute.

What direction could and should the Browns go in now? Well I’m glad you asked, for I have a blueprint in mind, it may not be want you want to hear, but in the end it’s what you need to hear. The Browns MUST TRADE JOE THOMAS AND HOE HADEN! There I said it and stand by my statement.

Yes it’s really the route I would go. By the time the Browns are remotely competitive the Joes will be out of their prime, at this point the only way they can help the team get better is to be traded and let Moneyball and Sashi acquire draft picks. So here is a quick breakdown:

Joe Thomas to the Seahawks makes a TON of sense; they are in dire need of somebody to protect Ciara’s husband and Joe Thomas would be a perfect fit. The Seahawks would have to unload some salary and the Browns need DB help so I’ll just say Thomas to the Seahawks for a 2nd round pick and Kam Chancellor.

No on to the other Joe… Mr. Haden, who I’ve never been a fan of, can’t stay healthy or on the field so he needs to go before he has ZERO trade value. There are some coaches out there that would take a chance on him and one that comes to mind, is Andy Reid. So let’s say Haden to K.C. for a 2nd round pick.

These moves would insure the top pick in the draft and a sickening amount of draft picks in the top few rounds.

2017 Draft:

1st round picks: Ours and Eagles.

2nd Round: Ours, Titans, Chiefs and Seahawks.

Of course we have a ton of needs and holes to fill but we might as well continue this overhaul with youth and let Sashi, Moneyball and Hue do their thing… what do we have to lose? Maybe Kessler is the guy Hue thinks he is, maybe he isn’t, but at least we will have the rest of the season to figure that out and have the ammunition to take any QB we want… if needed. If Hue is right and Kessler is who he thinks he is than we have the picks to totally revamp the team. The way it looks right now we will have a top 3 pick in the draft so a QB or Myles Garrett (based on what I’ve seen so far) makes early sense. Jesus can you imagine Nassib, Garrett, and Ogbah all going after the QB next year?

If Kessler is a dud the Browns can take Kizer in the top of the 1st or Barrett in the 2nd round. Either of those two would be fine with me. The more picks the more options, hell at this point I wouldn’t be opposed to drafting a QB in every round until they get it right.

Sashi, Moneyball and Hue did an amazing job this year in the draft; they moved around and took guys to build around. I’m not mad they skipped on Wentz or Goff, in fact I love how they worked the draft last year and I’m excited to see who they land this year. Will they wheel and deal like last year or if they just cash in and take the PBA at each spot? I have confidence that whichever method they will continue to add impressive players that make a difference all over the field.

I’m eternally optimistic about this team, I have been for over 30 years and I will be until I’m done breathing. This front office and coaching staff has me more optimistic than any other in all the years I’ve been a fan. I begged for Hue the day the Raiders fired him, I called Nassib being a steal, and I called Goff being a bust… I feel pretty good about their system, for I would have done the exact moves. Now it’s time to trade the Joes, hope Kessler is our guy and watch the analytical side of football take over.

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