Early Christmas Gift for the Browns Fans

By on December 24, 2014
JOSH GORDON (Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports)

JOSH GORDON (Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports)

What the Hell are the Browns going to do to fix what seems like a lifelong nightmare? How can they, as a franchise, make it to the promised land of the Play-offs and maybe even the Super Bowl?  They need to win more games, that’s the short and direct answer but how they go about it is the real obstacle.  They have been drafting in the top of the draft far too long to have a piss poor record, they have a Head Coach that the players seem to respond to in a positive way and they have the talent…. Or do they?


Before we can say what does work we need to make it known what doesn’t work or what is broken or what needs tossed into a heaping scrap pile. The Defense is workable for the most part, the run defense is weak and needs to be addressed, it may not be the top priority in a pass happy league but it will need to be addressed. Pressure on the QB is there, just not often enough and having an athletic freak like Mingo playing OLB doesn’t work. He needs to be moved to the ILB slot and learn from Dansby. The pass defense is decent and having Joe Haden is a major plus, I think Justin Gilbert is a rookie and in over his head, I hoped to see him grow as the season progressed and I didn’t. But I will not count him out just yet.

Let’s move to the Offensive side of the ball. The Offensive line has some bright spots in Joe Thomas, Alex Mack and Joel Bitinio but after that they are just horrible. I think the Browns right side needs IMMEDIATE improvement, but I’ll address that in just a moment. The Running Backs are fine and nothing really needs tweaked in that location. Wide Receivers… well  Josh Gordon didn’t look nearly as dominate this season as he did last and he is hanging on to his job with very little room to make any type mistakes, on the field or off. That area needs addressed as well. Quarterback, yes the Browns still have not had any luck at finding that franchise QB that can run the offense. But that is really the story of the franchise.

So in order of importance:

  1. Right OT/OG: it doesn’t do any good to bring in a QB if he can’t be protected.
  2. WR: No reason in putting the all the faith in Josh Gordon
  3. Pass Rushing OLB/DE: Need to put pressure on the QB.
  4. QB: well all the foundation has been put in place, now it’s time to find the franchise.
  5. DB: You can never have enough DB’s.


Now that we identified the weak links we must figure out a way to strengthen them. Don’t worry I have it all figured out. Maybe this year they will listen. They sure didn’t last year.


Bryan Bulaga: RT from Green Bay, not likely to happen but I would through major cash his way.

Mike Iupati: RG from San Francisco, with all the turmoil going on in the Bay Area I think this is possible.

Randall Cobb: WR from Green Bay, again I doubt it happens but he would be worth trying for.

Torrey Smith:  WR from Baltimore. Not a true #1 guy but he can contribute.

Jeremy Maclin:  WR from Philadelphia.  He will want big money but, is he worth it?

Cecil Shorts: WR from Jacksonville.  Not a #1 guy but he has moments that make you wonder what his ceiling is.

Notice I left off Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas… I think they stay put and it’s not even an option.

Most possible scenario:

Mike Iupati and Cecil Shorts.

Now we move on to the Draft, the Browns hold a good amount of picks they could package and move up or stay put and fill their roster. I prefer to stay put myself.  Before we jump into the draft let me make this point VERY VERY VERY CLEAR… THERE ARE NO QB’s in this draft that I would draft in the 1st round.  With that being said I think 3 QB’s will go in the 1st round.  NONE to CLEVELAND PLEASE!!!!

At this point the Browns are looking at picks 13 and 16, which should give them a good chance and drafting immediate impact players. My Mock draft will come later down the road but for now I’ll give a few options of guys you should look into and see for yourself. Remember the eye test doesn’t lie.


1st round Draft Prospects:

WR: Amari Cooper, Alabama

WR: DeVante Parker, Louisville

OLB: Dante Fowler Jr., Florida

DT: Danny Shelton, Washington

DT: Eddie Goldman, Florida State

OT: La’el Collins, LSU

I am not even going to start on the QB spot at this time, I don’t think the Browns ownership will let Manziel go until it’s much too late and Hoyer has been a backup for a reason. Enjoy your early Christmas gift from me.  Mock draft #1 is in the works expect after the New Years.

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