Dear Cleveland Browns Backers,

By on November 25, 2015


Dear Cleveland Browns Backers,

Cleveland Browns fans and anything falls in between, It’s time for a Football Intervention, no not for Johnny Manziel, it’s for the entire Browns Organization, most interventions are done once the deadbeat has hit rock bottom, the Browns Organization is that deadbeat, drug addict living on the streets with the largest family in pro sports that has tried everything, but an intervention…. NOW IS THE TIME !! With any intervention there must be consequences for the one that needs help, this is where the Browns Backers and fans have to stand firm.

You are the only ones that can take a stand, you are the ones with the overwhelming power, but rather than using that power you choose to do the same routine you’ve done for years. It’s time that you all band together and demand a change. Rather than taking your gripes to the local radio waves, the Twitter feeds or the Facebook posts how about you actually do something, and by do something I mean don’t go to the damn games. Don’t buy your season tickets, don’t buy single game tickets and don’t buy their merchandise. Let the stadium have a few games of silence and hit Jimmy in the wallet and then and only then will he be forced to make the necessary changes.
As long as you keep feeding his bank account he will not make any changes, why should he? I never thought he bought the Browns because he liked the idea of owning the BROWNS, he bought them because they were for sale and he is filthy rich. What else would he spend his money on? He runs the team like a business and although the fans bitch and moan they still buy his product, no matter how rotten and rancid the team is, the fans show up and spend their money. No matter how bad the team has been no matter how many off the field incidents the players have the fans show up, they continue to fork over their hard earned money for a product that does nothing for them.

Treat the Browns the way you would any business you are unhappy with, let the company know by not buying their product, writing emails to the Corporate Office, blasting them every chance you get, create a petition. You must band together, there is strength in numbers and your numbers dwarf those of any other sports franchise in the United States.

By all means you should continue to take to the airwaves, to Twitter and Facebook, but only to spread the word of boycotting the Browns organization. Once his wallet thins out Jimmy will have to make a stand, he will either correct the problems or sell the organization, either work for me. To say you are a Browns fan and sit idly by doing nothing or even worse you continue to go to the games you only prolonging the suffering. You my friends can indeed change this organization, you can tell your kids that your actions led to the improvement of the Cleveland Browns and you can call yourself a hero.

You have a few days until the next Browns game; it’s a Monday Night game. Wouldn’t that be something to have a Nationally Televised game and have an empty stadium? If the fans band together over the next few days and get their protests in order, changes will be swift and far reaching, they will hear you Browns fans and they will have to respond.

Don’t cherry pick your blame, there is enough to go around. I blame the owner, the GM, the coaching staff as well as the players; they are all at fault for not providing a product worth spending money on. Granted I live on the West Coast but I was once a season ticket holder, and I am a proud Browns Backer out here. I haul my ass to the local Pub every Sunday and watch my Browns, or I should say I did… I will no longer be out in public rooting for such a dysfunctional organization and the Cleveland natives should take after me… STOP SUPPORTING JIMMY HASLAM and stop giving this Billionaire more money to play with, you deserve better.

A lot has been said about how the Browns MUST release Johnny Manziel after his last escapade that was caught on tape, a lot has been said that Pettine is at fault for not being a true disciplinarian and others say Farmer has to go… The truth is, they all need to go for they are all at fault. Ownership, the front office and the coaching staff have not built a foundation for future success and we are seeing the team implode from the lack of discipline. Horrible draft picks, questionable character issues with players, and a coaching staff that seems overwhelmed with basic issues falls flatly on the GM, the GM was handpicked by the front office and ownership. This organization needs a Beacon of Light, they need a Rock, a foundation, a savior and right now don’t see anybody that can step up and be that type of leader in the Organization, it’s not Farmer, it’s not Pettine and it’s not Haslam. They need to gut the group and really find the right person. Is it Manning? Is it Khan? Is it you? Really, at this point I think Drunk Bernie could have done a far superior job than Farmer has done, this is truly rock bottom.

So Browns fans… what will it be? Will you stand united as one or will you continue the suffering? This is a call to action, stop the bitching and do something. You have the numbers to force the hand of ownership to make the changes, you have the numbers to hurt where it counts, the money. You have the numbers to make the pain and suffering stop so go out and do something.

Joshua L. Ott III
Browns Backer Number: 204711

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