The Browns? Geno Smith? LOL

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Geno Smith is the most over-rated QB in the draft. His completion percentage was done with smoke and mirrors. Most of his throws were just beyond the line of scrimmage. ie: In the Pin Stripe Bowl against Syracuse, dump it short Geno.  (photo USA TODAY Sports Images/Brad Penner)


Just the fact that the Cleveland Browns are being mentioned,  just in the possibility,  of the Browns drafting Geno Smith gives us the answer to the question…YES!!!  Yes, Geno Smith will be a bust if any team takes takes him higher than the 5th round.  And what the heck did the browns take Weeden last year for?

As a matter of fact the only QB the Browns drafted that had any kind of positive NFL career was in 1972.

photo USA TODAY Sports Images / Brad Penner

Just for fun, here is the Browns 40 year draft history for the QB position, wow looks really good when you put in print…

2012   BRANDON WEEDEN   Oregon St. Round 1- 22 overall (Is there a problem here?)

2010 COLT MCCOY  Texas Round 3- 85 overall  (No intestinal fortitude, remember NCAA Championship?  I was disappointed in the way he handled the injury, the way Colt ran off the field holding his shoulder.  Should have been a tell.)

2007 BRADY QUINN  Round 1- 22 overall  (numbers look familiar? Good bench press numbers)

2005 CHARLIE FRYE Akron Round 3-67 overall   (Best Zip ever)

2004 LUKE MCCCOWN   La. Tech Round 1- 22 overall

2000 SPERGON WYNN  Texas St.Round 6-183 overall (Best Bobcat ever)

1999 TIM COUCH  Kentucky Round 1- 1 overall  (I’m sure he sends Tony Mandrich and Jamacus Russell a thank you card every year on this day.  Actually hung for a while but nowhere near a #1 overall.  Passed on Donovan McNabb, Edgerrin James, Ricky Williams, Champ Bailey, Daute Culpepper & Booger MacFarland )

1996-1997 Browns best draft years – Not one bust.

1995 ERIC ZEIER  Georgia Round 3-84 overall  (Another SEC QB, they never pan out, has there been a great SEC QB in the NFL? I mean besides Tebow)

1992 KEITHEN MCCANT Nebraska Round 12-316 overall  (Good value at 316, I guess this is where the “McC” love affair began for Cleveland MCCOWN, MCCOY)

1990 CLEMENTE GORDON Grambling St. Round 11-196 overall (You know, Roberto’s brother)

1988 STEVE SLAYDEN  Duke Round 12-328 overall  (He was probably really smart)

1986 MIKE NORSETH Kansas  Round 7-174 overall  (yes really, they picked a Jayhawk, not the Cavs, the Browns!)

1984 TERRY NUGENT Colorado St. Round 6-158 overall  (Wango – Tango)

1982 STEVE MICHUTA Grand Valley St. Round 6-158 overall  (That’s exactly what I said, Who?!)

1980 PAUL MCDONALD  USC  Round 4-109 overall

1978 MARK MILLER Bowling Green Round 3-68 overall

1976 Wow!  Two!  Holy Toledo!  GENE SWICK Toledo Round 4-97 overall  & CRAIG NAGEL Purdue Round 9-261 overall

1973 RANDY MATTINGLY Evansville Round 4-100 overall  (Purple Ace)

AND IN 1972, THE BROWNS BEST QB IN THE LAST FORTY YEARS, oh hell ever, YES BETTER THAN MIKE PHIPPS (1970) …………………………………………. at crap shoot pick at 330 overall

1972  BRIAN SIPE San Diego St.  Round 13-330 overall  

Brain Sipe was the 1980 NFL MVP

Sipe threw for 23,713 yards with the Browns throwing 154 TD’s 

I believe Brian was one of the first players to wear hi-tops

This is Rick Sassone, I’ll see you with you’re #1 pick!





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