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browns_goneAfter decades of torment and disappointing season after disappointing season I can actually say that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for my beloved Browns. They finally built themselves a real identity, something I’ve been begging them to do for YEARS. They are truly a top notch defense fielding what may just be the best group of defensive backs in the NFL. How can you beat, Haden, Whitner, Gipson and Williams?

On the other side of the ball you have an Offensive line that could end up having three pro-bowlers in Thomas, Bitonio and Mack. The Quarterback, whoever ends up starting will have plenty of time in the pocket, and the running game will thrive and score a lot of touchdowns.

My days of wanting to punch the TV are not over, but those episodes will be further apart this year and almost nonexistent next season. The Browns are still a very young team and they still have holes, but the Defense will keep them in every game and the Offensive Line will give the QB an RB every opportunity to excel.

Here is how I see things playing out this season.

ohnny Manziel (2)  (USA TODAY Sports / Daniel Shirey)

Johnny Manziel (2) (USA TODAY Sports / Daniel Shirey)

Manziel will be the Starter and he will play much better than last year, he’ll play with more of relaxed feel for the game and we will not see nearly as many improvised runs or ill-advised throws to guys he has no business throwing to.  Johnny will show us he really has grown up and matured. I still don’t think he is or ever will be a top tier Quarterback, but Trent Dilfer wasn’t either and he helped the Ravens win a Super Bowl.

Dwayne Bowe will end up with about 5 TD’s and about 700 yards; Hawkins will have 6 TD’s and 900 yards, seeing how no Browns WR had more than 2 TD’s last year I’ll say that’s an upgrade. By the end of the season I think the biggest surprise and most exciting WR will be Terrelle Pryor, he may not have th stats but he will help the fans forget about Josh Gordon.

I’ve already mentioned the Offensive Line but I wanted to make special note of Cameron Erving who will engrave his name as a starter early and I hope we see him stick around for a good 10 seasons. Bitonio will continue to impress and grow, being such a versatile linemen is helpful, that’s something Erving and Bitinio both share, they can both play multiple line positions.

Danny Shelton… He is a HUGE imposing body in the middle, I am not sold on him playing every down yet, but with the way Petine moves his defense he may not have to. I hope he pans out and becomes the run stuffing, QB attacking, and class act I think he can become.

Mingo is showing that he is more bust than anything else, he needs to stay healthy and get some reps before it’s too late. He is such an athletic freak that if he could stay on the field I think he could really be a weapon in this defense; lucky for the Browns they drafted Nate Orchard who I think will be starting opposite Paul Kruger by seasons end. Orchard is a guy that is gifted and smart on the field.

I really do see things getting better for the Browns as long as they keep Petine around and let him continue to instill his way of football, because to me, his way is the way the Browns way should be, a tough, hard-nosed go get’em defense and athletic and versatile offensive line that opens up huge holes and gives the QB a good pocket.

Browns at Jets: Browns win:  27-6

Titans at Browns: Browns win: 31-14

Raiders at Browns: Browns win: 21-17

Browns at Chargers: Browns win: 17-14

Browns at Ravens: Browns lose: 14-9

Broncos at Browns: Browns lose: 35-24

Browns at Rams: Browns win: 20-13

Cardinals at Browns: Browns lose: 21-7

Browns at Bengals: Browns lose: 14-10

Browns at Steelers: Browns lose: 17-14


Ravens at Browns: Browns win: 20-13

Bengals at Browns: Browns win: 10-9

49ers at Browns: Browns win: 27-17

Browns at Seahawks: Browns lose: 31-7

Chiefs at Browns: Browns win: 10-6

Steelers at Browns: Browns lose 21-10

Wins: 9

Loses: 6

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