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I would like nothing more than to wake up and see this headline: THE CLEVELAND BROWNS ARE GONE! Now, before you gasp, moan and groan let me elaborate on this a little more. This team needs changes in all areas, new colors, new name, new stadium and new coaching. Having a new owner with deep pockets and genuine love of the sport helps but the entire organization needs a shock and making bold moves will be the key.


But she can stay!

A new Stadium is essential, a retractable dome would be perfect, spend money to make money. Spend the big bucks land the Super Bowl and do your best make sure your team is in the hunt that year. Boost the economy of the city, do the right things and watch the team go from ZERO to HERO!!

Let’s erase the Brown, White and Orange, the no logo helmet and mostly the boring name and move toward something more interesting. Below you’ll see my ideas for a few names and color schemes that are more fitting than Brown, White and Orange. Later we will move on the coaching hunt.



1.    Cleveland Barons– yes I know that Cleveland already had a team named the Barons but that was in the 70’s and that was hockey. Barons is a fitting name for a Cleveland team, seeming how John D. Rockefeller began Standard Oil in Cleveland and the Browns current owner is an Oil Baron of sorts as well. The Color scheme would be all Black pants, Black tops and Black Helmets with Scarlet Red (it’s an Ohio thing) accents on the pants and tops. The logo will be a Red C surrounded in Black.


2. Cleveland Rockers– Again, yes I know this name was used but it was by a WNBA team and, well nobody really cares about the WNBA. The color scheme would be Dark Grey pants, Dark Red Shirts and Chrome helmets with specs of Red and Black.


3.       Cleveland Blaze-    No not because there are so many pot smokers but because the Cuyahoga River has been known for catching on fire a few times. Color scheme would be Red pants and Red Tops and a Black Helmet with flames starting at the bottom reaching the top.


 4.       Cleveland Surge- Many of you may not know this but Cleveland was the first city in the United States to have full on electricity. Color scheme would be Dark Blue pants and Dark Blue tops with Silver helmets with electric bolts in blue wrapping around the helmets.


5.       Cleveland Cobras- I know Cleveland is not known for Cobra’s but is Detroit known for lions, is Cincinnati known for Bengals? No, it’s just sounds good so go’s the Cobra’s. The Color Scheme would be Gold pants, black tops and gold Helmets with a striking Cobra in black on each side.





Now, the more pressing issue is finding a coach and giving the team a true identity. The Browns have holes all over the place, but holes that can filled easily with money and the right attitude. The head coach and his staff give the team its identity and Cleveland should just swing for the fences on this one. Go out and assemble an amazing staff starting with Head Coach Chip Kelly, I know many hate this idea but he would use the pieces Cleveland has on offense better than just about anybody else. Here is how I would like to see the rest of the staff filled out.

Head Coach: Chip Kelly

Offensive Coordinator:  Mark Helfrich (Oregon O-Coordinator)

Defensive Coordinator: Jim Leavitt (49ers Linebacker Coach)

Nope, none are proven in the NFL but guess what, they still have an attitude and an identity that players love. Many have said they want Saban, Remember the Dolphins? Yeah, I’ll pass on Saban.

If Kelly is not an option here are a few others that need to be looked at:

-Chris Peterson: Boise State Head Coach

-Vic Fangio: 49ers Defensive Coordinator

-Kyle Shanahan: Redskins Offensive Coordinator

– John Mitchell: Steelers Defensive Line /Assistant head Coach

– Winston Moss:  Assistant Head Coach/Inside Linebackers

Will any of this happen? I doubt it but it would be nice to see an offensive unit that gives the opposing team a headache rather than their own fans. It would be nice to see a few highlights of a Cleveland team showing flashes of greatness rather than hoping for a 1st down.  It would be nice to see the Defense be able to stop the run and pass at times. It would be nice to see Cleveland win and the fans get what they have waited a lifetime for.

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