Dear Mark Cuban,

By on February 24, 2013

Dear Mark Cuban,

The end of last month Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban reacts to the call by referee Brian Forte (not pictured) during the game against the Phoenix Suns at the American Airlines Center. The Mavericks defeated the Suns 110-95. (photo by: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)

I wanted to take a moment and thank you. For what you ask? Well your little idea that the Lakers should Amnesty Kobe, that’s what. I am so glad you said it, it makes perfect sense and I can’t believe it hasn’t been said before. It came at the right time of the season for you to say it too; I mean who else better to motivate the Greatest Laker than the owner…..of the Mavs.

You do understand that you woke a beast, you motivated the Mamba and by doing that you have lit a fire under the entire Laker organization. You see when you win, more than you lose, when you have more Championships than most teams have playoff appearances you can become complacent. At times one must challenge themselves or find motivation in areas other than just winning. You have done this and your team should be pissed, the rest of the West should be worried and the entire NBA should be on notice that the Lakers are about to make a historic push into the playoffs.

You’ve just insulted Kobe in manner that will make him want nothing more than to prove how wrong you are. Lucky for you and your team you only see Kobe one more time this season, unlucky for you that it’s a home game for the Lakers and it’s in April when the Playoffs will be in reach for the Lakers and out of reach for you and the Mavs.
I get it that  you are rebuilding and you didn’t expect much out of your team but to give the Lakers the fire and the motivation is beyond me, I truly appreciate it and thank you from the bottom of my heart, but it baffles me none the less. You really set a goal for Kobe, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t go on and win the MVP… not of the season because the media wants nothing more than to hand it to Lebron again…no the FINALS MVP, you know the one that really counts.


The Lakers will make the playoffs but before they do that they meet your Mavs. Around the time you and your struggling Mavs come to L.A. they will be getting a rested Pau Gasol back. He will have had the time to learn the system by watching from the bench, he will come in and help the Lakers complete their mission.  You see, everything you say has a reaction, this time will have a major reaction in the form of extra motivation for the Lakers but especially for Kobe.  Kobe may just go for 82 against your Mavs the next time, he might decide to grab a triple-double or he might just make sure he drills the game winning shot, either way, when you mess a snake you get bit. You felt the strike of the Mamba in your loss, the rest of the league is about to feel that same pain, the slow moving venom will come to an all-out epidemic at the right time, the

(photo: Solarpix / PR PHOTO)


So let me thank you again, you could have waited till the offseason, you could have waited to see if the Lakers missed the playoffs, you should have just not said anything at all, but you did and you have to live with your mistake, enjoy the early ending to your season, enjoy the rebuilding of your team and enjoy watching Kobe be Kobe, I know I do.


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