Sorry-Ass Heartbreak in C-Town

By on November 2, 2015


Let me run some numbers by you… 16 years, 8 Head Coaches, 7 General Managers, 3 Owners, 20 picks in the 1st round, 6 of which made it to the Pro Bowl, and 1 playoff game. At this point I could do a Mic drop and exit the stage… FORGET ABOUT THIS SORRY ASS TEAM!!! No I just can’t quit this team, I want to, I want to forget all about them and never look back, but they are my team, have been my team and no matter what they will be my team.

Of all the Head Coaches the Browns have hired only Eric Mangini had previous Head Coaching Experience in the NFL and Butch Davis and Chris Palmer had previous HC experience in the College ranks. I’m not saying that the Browns need to hire a coach that has HC experience but I can’t see the harm in it.

With that being said I can fix it, I’ve offered my help in the past and it has fallen on deaf ears. Maybe…just maybe this time will be different, maybe somebody will actually hear me and understand that my ideas, my thoughts and my vision would work… It couldn’t make matters worse that’s for damn sure.

In the past I’ve given a blueprint to use as a guide, not this time, this time I’ll cover all the bases, I’ll provide many options to select from and so in depth that even the Browns couldn’t mess it up. I will make this so easy even a Steelers fan will understand it. I’m doing this for you, the die-hard DAWGS that bleed Orange and Brown and have been with the team since as far back as they can remember. I’m doing this for me as well, it’s a type of therapy, I can put my ideas down, see what could have been and what could be.

List of Possible GM’s to replace Ray Farmer:

Nick Caserio: Patriots Director of Player Personnel (4 Super Bowls)

Omar Khan: Steelers Director of Football and Business Administration (2 Super Bowls)

Khai Harley: Saints Director of Football Administration (1 Super Bowl)

Kevin Abrams: Giants Assistant General Manager (2 Super Bowls)

Eliot Wolf: Packers Director of Player Personnel (1 Super Bowl)

If you look what I’ve done here I’ve offered the job to guys that have been on the job for a good amount of time, have learned from some very knowledgeable football minds and they come from teams that have a dedication to winning.

List of Possible Head Coaches with NFL HC Experience:

Brian Billick (Highly doubtful)

Bill Cowher (If Khan was the GM it might happen but chances are just over .001%)

Hue Jackson: Fired too soon from the Raiders, excellent Offensive mindset and tough coach.

Nick Saban: His stint with the Fins was a disaster but he deserves a 2nd chance in the NFL.

Wade Phillips: He has failed as HC in the past but damn it I love this guy.

Josh McDaniels: I know… I know… He failed in Denver and ran back to New England, but he is a local boy that has the pedigree to win via his bloodline and his coaching tree.

Todd Haley: Haley has made the Steelers offense one of the hardest to stop; he’s made it a dynamic force and has a history of developing top tier talent.

List of Possible HC’s with College HC experience.


Mark D'Antonio after winning the 2012 Outback Bowl with Michigan St. (Travis Faliey/RSEN)

Mark D’Antonio after winning the 2012 Outback Bowl with Michigan St. (Travis Faliey/RSEN)

Mark Dantonio: learned from Earl Bruce, Jim Tressel and Nick Saban.

Bob Stoops: Ohio born, 1 National Championship 8 Big 12 Championships… NFL Ready?

Les Miles: Ohio born, not going to the team up North, always has a high powered offense.

Dabo Swinney: I just want to be able to scream our YABBA DABO DO!!

List of Possible HC with NFL experience but not as a HC

Winston Moss: Packers Assistant HC/Linebacker coach. I’ve said it for years this guy should be a HC.

Adam Gase: Broncos to the Bears, the Browns? Keeping in the B’s here.

Harold Goodwin: Cardinals OC. Have you seen what he has done with Palmer and Johnson? Nuff said.

Frank Reich: Chargers OC, Chargers have the most potent offense in the NFL right now.

Matt Patricia: Patriots DC, I know the past few coordinators from New England haven’t panned out well for the Browns but Patricia looks like he belongs in Cleveland.

Player movement:


Dwayne Bowe


Joe Haden

Johnny Manziel

Barkivious Mingo

Justin Gilbert

Joe Thomas

A fire sale is needed in Cleveland, they aren’t winning and they aren’t showing any improvement, I do believe a lot of the issues rest on the shoulders of the coaching staff but guys like Joe Thomas getting called for false starts game after game and Joe Haden unable to perform to the standards he has already set are a clear indication that they don’t have their heart in Cleveland any longer. It’s time to move on from them and nab some draft picks. The problem with obtaining draft picks is you need to scout and draft the right players, which Cleveland hasn’t done in forever and a year. Having the right front office that drills winning into the brains of every coach, player, scout, and assistant from the second they become a Cleveland Brown should be Mission One. Winning is a mindset, it can be taught, it can be coached and it can be radically contagious.

 “Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all-time thing. You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.” – Vince Lombardi

The Browns have been on the losing end of that habit for far too long, it’s not just time a small change it’s time the ultimate change in culture around the organization, it’s time to start winning and to accomplish that mission they must, unfortunately do a lot of house cleaning, stability in the front office and coaching staff makes everything easier but I’d rather they move on now than think that this staff will get any better… not gonna happen.

Let me take a few steps back, I want to get back to the Front Office and coaching staff. I think that is really were the Browns problems all start. So since I’ve mentioned so many options above I’ll break down a few options that are my favorite.

Scenario 1:

GM: Omar Khan

HC: Todd Haley

OC: Randy Fichtner

DC: Pepper Johnson

This would be a dynamic West Coast Offense with a nasty Defensive attitude. Haley didn’t work out well in KC but I love his fire and I really respect what he has done for the Steelers. Fichtner has done wonders working with Big Ben and he knows Haley’s system. Why Pepper Johnson hasn’t had a shot at DC blows my mind. His players take on his mentality and disposition, they become that crazy bully and they channel his nastiness on each and every snap of the ball.

Scenario 2:

GM: Nick Caserio

HC: Josh McDaniels

OC: Ben McDaniels

DC: Mike Vrabel

I’ve said it many times in the past that the Patriots Coordinators don’t make good head coaches, but there is a lot of Championships being won there and maybe the Browns should give it a shot. It didn’t work with Mangini or Crennel but the 3rd time’s a charm!

3rd Scenario:

GM: Eliot Wolf

HC: Winston Moss

OC: Joe Philbin

DC: Kevin Green

Moss should have been a Head Coach years ago; he is an intelligent, hard-nosed coach that has spent years learning the ins and outs of coach and player development. Joe Philbin was a disaster in Miami but his years in Green Bay can’t be a fluke.

There you have it… I’m pretty tired of writing about what could be, I’d much rather be writing about what is. The Browns organization is 24 hour buffet that serves sadness, madness and frustration, I don’t see any bright lights at the end of this tunnel of unhappiness and unless a regime change is made nothing will get better.

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