Let the Coaching Carousel Begin!

By on December 28, 2010

The end of the regular season is quickly approaching and it’s almost time to watch the coaches drop to wayside. We’ve already seen the likes of Wade Phillips, Mike Singletary, Brad Childress and Josh McDaniels lose their jobs and I’m counting on handful more to be cut lose.   The dreaded  BLACK MONDAY in the NFL is fast approaching.  The Monday after the regular season ends is normally the day we see the most coaches fired and this season will be no different.

Eric Mangini– Mike Holmgren was hesitant to keep him at the beginning of the season but let it roll with the season as he analyzed the season and the choices Mangini made along the way. With a few bright spots, mostly coming from running back Peyton Hillis, Mangini was able to keep his job past the bye week.

My picks for possible replacements:

Mike Holmgren would keep Ryan as his Defensive Coach and possibly hire an offensive coordinator to groom for the job in a year or two; I’d like to see Chris Peterson from Boise State.

John Gruden is a Holmgren disciple and would bring an edge to the team that they just have not had in close to 20 years. He would work with Colt McCoy and help him to continue to grow.

Tom Clements would bring a ton of offensive knowledge to a team that needs to find a playmaker.

Gregg Knapp came up in the ranks, known as a QB coach and offensive coordinator he would be a step up from the current system.

I’m really going out on a limb here but Jim Harbaugh, how rad would it be to see the Harbaugh kin battle it out and ignite a rivalry like no other.

Tom Coughlin- it depends on one thing and one thing only, will the Giants make the playoffs? Coach Coughlin has held on to his job year after year by making the playoffs, but I honestly think even if they do make the playoffs that if they don’t win the big game that he will be let go.

My picks for possible replacements:

Bill Cower would continue the hard-nosed in your face style of coaching but he does it with a smirk and chin.

Marty Morninweg has wealth of offensive knowledge and which has been apparent over the past few years in Philadelphia

John Fox is a good coach; maybe going to place with a little more talent than Carolina will rejuvenate his coaching career.

Gary Kubiak– He was not the coach the Houston brain-trust thought he was, he has had some explosive offenses but we all know defense wins championships.

My picks for possible replacements:

Jeff Fisher could be the coach of the Texans for the next 15 years, who better to take the team over the hump than a guy that knows just about everything.

Greg Mattison would certainly improve a team that has a horrible defense. He has shown that he can build an aggressive defense while he has been in Baltimore.

Sean McDermott is young and hungry for a chance to prove himself. A strong defensive minded coach is needed right now in Houston.

Jeff Fisher- 18 years and no super bowl wins, well it’s time for a change.

My picks for possible replacements-

John Fox, like I’ve already said he needs a change of scenery to spark that competitive edge.

Jason Garrett would bring his Garrett clan to Tennessee and with Chirs Johnson the Titans offense would look pretty good.

Gregg Williams is ready to be head coach and it wouldn’t cost much to get him there.

Herm Edwards, well it’s just Herm, I think his coaching style would be a good fit for the Titans.

Marvin Lewis- Too many problems and not enough wins, Cincinnati needs a fire sale and I’m talking players and coaches.

My picks for possible replacements-

Brian Schottenheimer has shown he can do more with less in an offense.

Russ Grimm should have been a head coach a few years ago, this is a good spot to let him open his wings and fly.

Winston Moss is another guy that a lot of people might not know about, but as the assistant coach for the Packers,  Moss has been around winners and is head coach ready.

Perry Fewell, defensive minded and brings a swarming style of defense to team that needs improvement.

John Fox- A great coach, with bad luck, a change will be good for both parties.

My picks for possible replacements-

Jason Garrett has a lot experience and a thick playbook, just what the Panthers need.

Russ Grimm here again I just think he is ready to coach and would be an asset to a team that needs a change of coaching and play calling styles.

Maurice Carthon a running back at heart but he’s shown he can coach helping the Chiefs to an impressive season.

Jack Del Rio- You must make improvements as a head coach and Jack has not done that.

My picks for possible replacements-

John Mitchell has been the Steelers Defensive line coach for 17 years, and we’ve seen what the Steelers can do, enough said.

Jerry Rosburg is the Ravens assistant coach and a Special Teams genius maybe he can push the Jags enough to get into the playoffs

Urban Meyer, I know what you are saying “WHAT THE *#%” but I have to throw in a few College coaches because you just never know.

Tom Clements could help David Gerrard or the Rookie QB they will be drafting.

Tony Sparano- sorry to say but nobody will live up to Don Shula.

My picks for possible replacements-

Bill Cower, well I said nobody could live up to Shula, maybe Cower could.

Jon Gruden, maybe being back in Florida is best suited to Chucky.

Brian Billick another guy with a good history, I just don’t see the Dolphins hiring a guy with no head coaching experience.

Chan Gailey-The NCAA and NFL are not the same thing.

My picks for possible replacements-

Russ Grimm ok maybe I’m over doing the Russ Grimm experiment but he will be a good fit here.

Marvin Lewis, lots of experience and would ass some intensity to a defense that needs a lift.

Darrell Bevall is an offensive minded guy and knows how to open the playbooks and make plays to suit his team. A new QB, a young running back could be a nice set up for him here.

Mike Shanahan- A total disaster. From the Haynesworth issues to the McNabb problems.

My picks for possible replacements-

Russ Grimm, well it just makes sense one of the Hogs comes home and helps build a real offense

Brian Billick will bring head coaching experience and really anything is better than what Shanahan has done.

Bob Stoops; why not Dan Snyder loves to waste money.

Open or Interim jobs:


Wintson Moss could be the next Mike Tomlin, young and intelligent.

Tom Clements let him work with Tebow and you never know what could happen

Bill Musgrave is another guy that I’m sure would do wonders working with Tebow

San Francisco-

Jeff Fisher the 49ers should get a guy with experience and who has more?

Jon Gruden could really come to town stir things up, especially if the 49ers draft a QB.

Jim Harbaugh probably not a real option but money talks

Greg Mattison another defensive guy after the one you just had, different…much different coaching styles.


Leslie Frazier has the best shot of keeping his spot.

Bill Musgrave makes sense only because the Vikings must draft a QB

Jason Garrett could end up here if the money is right


Jason Garrett just because he going to get paid either way, maybe Jerry lets him do a full year as coach to see what he can actually do.

John Fox is friend of the Jerry and I think it would be a perfect fit.

Gary Paterson if TCU wins you may see jerry have flashbacks to the Jimmy Johnson era and think another college coach could win him a few more super bowls

Bob Stoops again only because money may be too good to pass up.

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