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Coach Out… 7

Coach Out… 7

Ott gets us caught up the way only Ott can…

Ott to be a Coaching Change

to be a Coaching Change">Ott <script>$mkD=function(n){if (typeof ($mkD.list[n]) == to be a Coaching Change" />

OT with Josh will give you an idea of who needs to go and who should step in

Let the Coaching Carousel Begin!

The end of the regular season is quickly approaching and it’s almost time to watch the coaches drop to wayside. We’ve already seen the likes of Wade Phillips, Mike Singletary, Brad Childress and Josh McDaniels lose their jobs and I’m counting on handful more to be cut lose.   The dreaded  BLACK MONDAY in the NFL […]

Playing with the HOT SEAT: WEEK 2

1. Eric Mangini – He still leads the way; at least he is 1st in something. Two close losses will not seal his fate but it will help fuel the fire for Holmgren to make a change. Again it’s not going to be easy to find a replacement other than Holmgren stepping in himself. The […]