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By on January 2, 2013

Andy Reid in his final game with the Eagles at Met Life Stadium… fitting: a 42-7 Giant ass whipping (photo: USA Today Sports Images/Brad Penner)

So let’s get all caught up real quick… 7 head coaches are unemployed as of right now.

  1. Andy Reid
  2. Pat Shurmur
  3. Chan Gailey
  4. Ken Whisenhunt
  5. Norv Turner
  6. Romeo Crennel
  7. Lovie Smith

I doubt all of them move right into another head coaching gig a few, Reid, Smith and maybe Whisenhunt are about the only ones worth the title of Head Coach. So who goes where and why? This is strictly my thoughts as to who and why, this is not an article on assumptions or “insider” information, this is simply me playing role of owner of each of these teams, in yet another example of why I should be running a pro team… Let’s get moving, we have a lot to discuss and it’s already late.

Chip Kelly and Bill O’Brian seem to be the big two NCAA coaches on the radar, well there are a few every team should look at as either an assistant or Head Coach. But that’s another story that we will have to dissect later.

Number 1.   Philadelphia Eagles:

– I put the ranch on Chip Kelly. He makes the most sense in the aspect of the team’s current roster on offense, Vick, McCoy, Jackson and Maclin they have all the speed in the world and that is what a Chip Kelly offense is all about.


Since you always have to have a backup plan if that your 1st choice doesn’t share your enthusiasm. I’ll be giving my top 2 for each scenario.


If Kelly happens to say no we must have a second option, somebody that can use what we have and build off of it. Bruce Arians showed a ton of leadership and intelligent play calling with a team he didn’t build or have much say in.

Number 2.    Kansas City Chiefs:

– Again, Chip Kelly would be the 1st choice, having the 1st pick in the draft, one of the best running backs in the NFL and a chance to rebuild a very proud organization could entice him but again if he says no I would go a little outside the box here and offer it somebody that might not be on anybody’s list as a possible candidate for an NFL head coaching gig.


Art Briles from Baylor would be a perfect fit for a team that is in rebuilding mode. He has turned Baylor football into a real powerhouse and is putting out more and more pro type players. That 1st overall pick will pull some weight and I think the Chiefs could really turn things around very quickly if they hire the right guy.

Number 3.         Arizona Cardinals:

Most of the Rumors have Andy Reid taking this job, well I think that’s just a horrible idea, Reid is spent, he doesn’t have it in him right now, he needs 2 seasons off and I think he will be mentally ready to come back. For me the best candidate to sort the jumbled mess in Arizona would be Lovie Smith, I think he is the best of the recently unemployed coaches and has the experience and fire to turn things around faster than anyone else.


Second option would be have me turning my attention to Perry Fewell, defensive coordinator for the Giants. He has head coaching experience, his defensive schemes would use the Cards strength until finding a way to improve their offense.

Number 4. San Diego Chargers:

– Jon Gruden, hands down the right guy for the job. I think Rivers and Gruden would be a perfect fit. Gruden would insist on having final say on players and now without a head coach or a GM that just happens to work out perfect.


Gruden may not leave TV so the backup plan would be Mike McCoy from Denver. A GM would still be needed but McCoy is young, full of potential and knows how to utilize his players to the best of their own ability.

Number 5.   Chicago Bears:

A solid, yet aging defense, a QB that may not be the problem but is surely not the answer and a late round draft pick may keep people away, but there are still plenty that would love the chance.


– Jon Gruden again, he would be able to bring back that nasty, dirty, rough-neck style the Bears win with.


– Vic Fangio from the 49ers could use what he has on defense better than just about anybody else out there right nowt. He has YEARS of experience in the league and has been working alongside Jim Harbaugh for the past few years, and that’s not a bad guy to hang out with.

Number 6.   Buffalo Bills:

– If we are going to build off our strength, the direction goes towards defense, so a 1st choice would be Lovie Smith, again he just brings the experience level and I think he would do wonders with the defensive unit and he is already used to working through a rebuilding situation.


Bruce Arians would be the backup here, pretty much for same reasons as I’ve already stated. The Bills need a leader and somebody that can help them grow, Arians did that for a team that could have just as easily been horrible had it not been for his input.

Number 7.   Cleveland Browns:

– I would love Chip Kelly but I doubt he goes to a team that doesn’t have a mobile QB or a high enough draft pick to get a mobile QB. With that being said I would still go after him and let him know we understand it may take some time to get all the pieces to fit but having Richardson a pretty solid defense and a new owner that will spend lots of cash to win will help.


– Backup plan… Kyle Shanahan, it may be hard to pry him away from Washington but it’s possible. A good offensive line, a beast at running back, a high draft pick, and there’s that new owner willing to spend money again, it should be enough to land almost any coach they want.


This is the most important Head Coaching hire out of all the teams listed, the Browns need some type of stability and in the process they need to find an identity and both of these guys would give the team both.


Well we will see in the near future who goes and why, I just hope if you are a fan of any of these teams you can easily understand the “Why” and not have to say in a disgusted groan “WHYYYYY” like I have for so many years.

Good luck…




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