Black Monday is Right Around the Corner

By on December 27, 2013

Mike Shanahan (right) could be the least popular man in DC,yes politicians included. (photo USA Today Sports / Geoff Burke)

The end is near! The regular season for the NFL is just around the corner and one of the best days for me is the Monday after the regular season ends,  when all bottom feeding team announce that they will be firing their coaches. To get an early start on it I’ve made a list, I’ve checked it twice and I feel very confident about it. 7 coaches will be terminated and shown the door, and we will usher in a new wave of coaches soon thereafter.

I’ll start 1st with the Houston Texans, a team that will have the 1st pick in a draft that has some real gambles. The Texans have already been in contact with Lovie Smith and to be honest I think that is who they stay with, they may explore more options but I think he is the best choice for them. Lovie loves a mean defense and he will have it here. I would almost be willing to bet that if he Lovie does take the job that the Texans DO NOT draft a QB with their 1st pick, they should trade down and add some picks and then take a Defensive Player.

Next up is the Washington Redskins, I doubt Shanahan comes back, seeing how RG3 and Dan Snyder have a major bromance I think Snyder brings a guy in that knows RG3 better than anybody, a guy that has been quietly building an impressive record, yep you guessed it, Art Briles. I think the Skins have gone after that “BIG NAME” in coach far too many times and failed. Now it’s time to surround your QB with a group of coaches that understand every aspect of his game.

Jim Schwartz is probably a fun guy to get drunk with but he is not a very good head coach, at least he hasn’t been able to get the most out his players. He has a lethal offensive and group of defensive players that are mean and nasty, problem is he can’t control them. I think the best guy for the job is Jay Gruden; he has some complex offensive schemes that Megatron and Matt would but thrive in. If Gruden does get the hire, Jerry Rice may want to watch out for records because the ball will be in the air an awful lot.


The Vikings have the BEAST, I mean BEST Running Back in the NFL, and they have an owner and a fan base begging to win. One name comes to mind… Brian Billick. He truly understands how to use a work horse as Running Back and get the most out of a subpar QB. He won a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer for god sakes! After Rex Ryan gets canned in New York, Billick could hire Rex and bring back the old coaching staff for another run at a Super Bowl.

The 49ers may lose both of their Coordinators after the season, and the funny thing they could both end up in New York, I think 49ers OC Greg Roman will be taking over for Mr. Foot AKA Rex Ryan and Vic Fangio headed to the Giants. Roman will bring an offensive approach that the Jets have lacked in a HC since Rich Kotite in 1996. Vic Fangio will help rebuild the Giants defense to what it once was; he has shown that he can get the most of his players on defense.


The Falcons have a great trio in Julio Jones, Roddy White and Matt Ryan and why they can’t win falls on the coach. Mike Smith’s tenure has come to an end, in my opinion. The Falcons need to go out and get a coach that can use his offensive weapons to their full ability; I think Mike Shula is the guy for the job.

Now, on to Americas Team, the Cowboys! Ohhhh Jerry Jones, where do I start? Jason Garrett is not a good coach. As I’ve stated in the past, the only two reasons he is still the head coach is either he is the love child of Jerry Jones or he has a file loaded with photos of Jerry Jones with transvestite Asian Hookers. Who could take over such a storied franchise? A franchise that has not made it to the Super Bowl since 1995 and a franchise that for some reason sticks with a Quarterback that can’t win in the playoffs and franchise that refuses to admit they have made mistake after mistake. Some have Bill Cowher set to return to the coaching ranks, but I doubt he would come back and take over a Cowboys team that is just not that good of a team, I doubt he would take over any team that doesn’t give full control and Jerry Jones will never give his control. They Cowboys will need to pluck a guy that is willing to let Jones have control and make his mistakes of drafting players they don’t need or can’t use and they will have to hire a guy that has a history of working with subpar Quarterbacks and getting more than expected from them, that’s why I think Brian Schottenheimer will be the next Head Coach of the Cowboys.

Well Black Monday can’t come soon enough for me; I can’t wait to see owners changing their stance on the Coaches they once hailed as the Saviors of their respected organizations and how the new coach is the guy they wanted all along and how this new chapter is a promising chapter for the organization and the fans should proud of the changes and blah blah blah!!!!

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