Can Houston get some Lov-ie?

By on December 28, 2013


Why the Houston Texans want interview Bill O’Brien is a mystery to me, he has no NFL Head Coaching experience, he only has 2 years of Head Coaching experience in his entire career and that is 2 years at Penn State. He didn’t lead the Nittnay Lions to the Promised Land, he didn’t turn around the program, although he did clean up the showers, so why does he get the interview? Oh it’s because he is another Bill Belichick disciple. Let’s look back at how the other branches from the Belichick coaching tree have panned out.

Romeo Crennel: Romeo led the Browns to a staggering 24-40 with a .375 winning percentage. After he was fired he went on to be the defensive coordinator for the KC Chiefs, and then interim coach and then Head Coach, he did, believe it or not, much worse in KC than he did in Cleveland. 4-15 with a .337 winning percentage. GREAT JOB!!

Al Groh: Not a bad record but decided that head coaching in the NFL wasn’t for him, he coached 1 season for the Jets and left them with a 9-7 record before heading off to his Alma Mater.

Josh McDaniels: 11-17 for the Bronco’s that’s a .393 winning percentage… That’s better than Romeo but that’s not saying much.

Eric Mangini: Mangini went 23-25 with the Jets and 10-22 for the Browns with a winning percentage of .413.

Nick Saban:  Nick could have built a decent team in Miami but after a few months of lies he darted out town to take over Alabama. He left the Dolphins with an overall record of 15-17.

Jim Schwartz:  Let’s see you have the best Wide Receiver in the NFL, a Quarterback that can make just about any throw on the field and a defensive line that attacks like a cackle of Hyenas but you can only go 29-50?

So explain to me where, why and how Bill O’Brien is going to be any different than the other low hanging branches off the Belichick coaching tree? If the Texans do make the mistake of hiring Bill O’Brien they will be on the prowl for another Head Coach within 3 years.

The Texans have the 1st pick in the draft, they have a lot of work to do and hiring a guy that has no idea how to build a team is grave mistake, I’ve said it in the past and I’ll say it again Lovie Smith should be the guy they hire, if they pass on Lovie for anybody else that person better have NFL Head Coaching experience.

Lovie Smith (photo USA Today Sports / Mike Carter)


While I am on the topic of the Texans let me continue with how they should work this draft and their Number 1 pick… Like I said they need help all over the field so I am always one for trading the 1st pick in the draft. Bridgewater does not impress me enough to say he is the FUTURE of the organization so if I am running the Texans I trade that 1st pick, I just hope it’s not a trade with the Cleveland Browns.

If they are dead set on keeping the 1st pick in the draft I would take Anthony Barr OLB from UCLA or Sammy Watkins from Clemson, both are guys that will greatly improve their side of the ball. Barr will add more pass rushing skills than Brooks Reed has shown and the left side with Barr and Watt will be nearly hold up against…without holding, chop blocks and illegal hands to the face.

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