Does Ricky Ruin the Race?

By on February 17, 2013

19 year old Zephyrhills, Florida native Devin McLeod takes the on his way to victory lane (photo by Rodney Meyering)

New Smyrna Beach, Fla.–The World Series of Asphalt  racing has been the traditional start to Speedweeks here in Daytona for the last 47 years.  It attracts drivers from near and far.  The northern racers shovel out the driveway and head down to New Smyrna for 11 nights of racing.  (This year 10, due to Daytona International having a new short track event Tuesday and New Smyrna Speedway having the night off).  


The list of champions is a star filled list.


2012 Kyle Benjamin
2011 Tim Russell
2010 BJ McLeod
2009 David Rogers
2008 Jeff Choquette
2007 Jeff Scofield
2006 Travis Kittleson
2005 Louis Mechalides
2004 Mike Fritts
2003 Wayne Anderson
2002 Jimmy Cope
2001 David Rogers
2000 Wayne Anderson
1999 David Rogers
1998 Jason Shuler
1997 Lowell Bennett
1996 David Russell
1995 Bruce Lawrence
1994 Pete Orr
1993 Pete Orr
1992 Pete Orr
1991 Dick Anderson
1990 Junior Hanley
1989 Dick Anderson
1988 Joe Shear
1987 David Rogers
1986 Dick Trickle
1985 Dick Trickle
1984 Dick Trickle
1983 Mark Malcuit
1982 Dick Trickle
1981 Junior Hanley
1980 Junior Hanley
1979 Mike Miller
1978 Mark Martin
1977 Mike Eddy
1976 Freddy Fryar
1975 Pete Hamilton
1974 Pete Hamilton
1973 Larry Rogero
1972 Joe Rutman
1971 Gary Balough
1970 Randy Tissot
1969 Dave McInnis
1968 Tom Pistone


After the first night of racing this year, it looked like Kyle Benjamin and Stephen Nasse were the most likely to add their name to this list, even though neither scored a point in night one. Both were DQ’d by Ricky Brooks.


Nasse had the advantage starting on the pole, and Benjamin would have to work for it, starting 5th.  It came down to a last lap drag race off turn 4 and Nasse wins, neither passed tech. Rogers wins.


You Rocket Sports and Entertainment readers know that Nasse and Benjamin already have wins this year at New Smyrna Speedway, Nasse winning the Red Eye, and Kyle the Pete Orr Memorial, these guys (kids really) know their way around this place and are familiar with the rule book.


Here comes the sad part.  The format so far this speedweeks has been four 35 lap races.  One each for the Florida modified, Pro Late Models, NASCAR Modifieds and the big show, Super Late Models.  They run the first two, then have a short intermission, then the next two races.  Saturday night the Super’s would run last.  Apparently Ricky Brooks told the Super Late drivers that they would be gridded during the race before their, which meant they would have to be in the infield during the NASCAR Modified race.  New Smyrna Speedway has pits in the infield and outside the track off of turns 3 and 4.  Those pitting outside the track would have to cross to the infield during the intermission.  For whatever reason Nasse, Benjamin and NASCAR K and N west champion Dylan Kwasniewski were unable to cross.  This would cause a big problem very soon.


Earlier, in qualifying, Kyle Benjamin would set fast time and guess who would be second?   Yes, Nasse.  The inversion draw would be 2, so that would give Nasse the Preferred Outside Line at the start, with Benjamin starting inside the front row.  This line up at the start was setting up to be awesome.  Not so fast says Ricky Brooks.


Because those two were not in the infield before the Modified race, the penalty would be they would have to start at the rear of the field.  Race Ruined.  Thanks Ricky.   The legendary Freddie Querry is the crew-chief for Benjamin .  Querry and gang decided not to take a chance of wrecking their car and packed up for the night, withdrawing from the race.  Nasse would start last make is way up to about half way, then pit and was a non factor.


What could have been a great second night was ruined, Oh Ricky Brooks!!!




Oh yeah, Russell development driver Devin McLeod won an uneventful race.  Second generation Stephen Wallace was second.


Rusty’s Kid, Stephen Wallace, finishes second (photo by Rodney Meyering)

1 36 Devin McLeod 35
2 66 Stephen Wallace 35
3 129 Spencer Davis 35
4 74 Ryan Moore 35
5 2 Joey Coulter 35
6 03 Dylan Kwasniewski 35
7 11 David Rogers 35
8 20 Anthony Sergi 35
9 28 T.J. Duke 35
10 3 Gary Terry 35
11 37 Larry Gelinas 35
12 41 Rusty Skewes 35
13 67 Denver Foran 35
14 36 Gary Padula 35
15 18 Bill Catania 35
16 51 Stephen Nasse 35
17 25 Brandon Lynn 35
18 17 Gary Passer 35
19 12 Derek Griffith 35
20 112 Steve Weaver, Jr. 35
21 26 Jessica Murphy 12
22 13 Frank Alberson 10
23 68 Russell Shaw 6
24 6 Austin Luedtke 5
25 19 Rusty Ebersole 5
26 110 Michael Seay 4
27 18 Bruce Gowland 1
28 71 Kyle Benjamin 0


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