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By on March 11, 2011

Filed by Eddie Michels as dictated to Rick Sassone live at Grant Field

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DUNEDIN, FL. (RSEN) — Toronto Blue Jays LHP Ricky Romero spends time with members of the media in Dunedin this morning.  Romero, who is slated to be the Jays number one this season, is 1-1 this spring with a 5.68 ERA in 6.1 IP.  Romero who was the number one pick in 2005 said,  “It means evertything.  It means a lot. I was as excited as I was when I got called in 2009 to tell me that I had made the team. As I look towards the future  it’s crazy how things happen, I hope it’s not my last opening day start.”  Romero who is from east LA is the son of parents born is Mexico.   He bought a house in LA for his parents; Mom drives a school bus and dad drives a truck.

“It’s an honor period.”  Continued Romero, “I’m an observer and I saw what “Doc” (Roy Halladay)  and Shaun (Marcum) did. I felt like I have worked every step of the way to get here, … I may not have a lot of experince but I feel I learn everyday.”  Roy Halladay of course is with the Phillies now and Marcum is with the Brewers this year.

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