Getting Ready To Rumble. BKFC Press Conference at Bert’s Harley Davidson

By on July 22, 2021
Paige Van Zant & Rachael Ostovich (Photo- Jordan Raiff)

“It’s Time to ‘Toe The Line’ Once Again Tampa”

          Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship has found a home of sorts in the Tampa area. While Florida is not the location of the first BKFC card, it has hosted three events, and David Feldman along with Nate Shook, Kevin Smith, and many others continue to give the Tampa area top notch fights.

Rachael Ostovich & Britain Hart & (Photo- Jordan Raiff)

            This card is no different. With UFC veterans Paige Vanzant and Rachael Ostovich finally getting to face off for a second time, Britain Hart (who as you may remember defeated Vanzant in her ‘welcome to BKFC’ fight in Tampa in February) squaring off in what promises to be a bloody battle with Jenny Savage, and Taylor Starling and Cassie Robb knuckling up, these women prove that women can not only stand and bang like the men do, but that they can draw a crowd too.

Blue Face (Photo- Jordan Raiff)

            Additionally, there is a platform show down with Blueface taking on Kane Trujillo, Nick Ireland facing off with DK Money, & Evil Hero and Dakota Olave will also be battling it out for social media supremacy. With another nine fights on the card, this is an action packed night, and the press conference really set the tone to let the fans know what to expect.

DJ Evil & Dakota Olave (Photo- Jordan Raiff)

Highlights of The Press Conference

David Feldman made three legendary announcements

David Feldman (Photo- Jordan Raiff)

BKFC NFT’s ( will be making their debut for BKFC 19

The introduction of the Platform Showdown with three fights pitting You Tube vs Tik Tok celebs

Britain Hart and Joey Beltran got married earlier today in a courthouse

Rachael Ostovich (Photo- Jordan Raiff)

Paige Vanzant and Rachael Ostovich are ready to run it back and excited

Paige feels more confident after switching to Mondo Boxing for her gym, and made more preparations for this fight; feels like a more complete fighter

Paige Van Zant & Rachael Ostovich (Photo- Jordan Raiff)

Rachael had little experience with BKFC before, but has been studying the hell out of it; thinks fighting with no gloves is nuts, yet ready to go out there and do it

Rachael Ostovich (Photo- Jordan Raiff)

Rachael also added more boxing to her training regimen; likened BKFC to more of a street fight, and sees a massive difference from mma; not worried as Hawaiians like to fight

Britain Hart and Jenny Savage are both ready to go

Jenny Savage (Photo- Jordan Raiff)

This fight has turned personal; Jenny alleged that Britain was nothing but disrespectful on commentary and while the two were talking directly; Britain challenged her to produce a soundbite for this, as she was nothing but complimentary at her last fight

Jenny is anxious to let her fists do the talking; she is determined to showcase her skills and prover her doubters wrong with her hands

Britain will be waiting on a possible name change till down the road

Taylor Starling & Cassie Robb (Photo- Jordan Raiff)

Taylor Starling and Cassie Robb find no reason to make fights personal; this is all business

Taylor is ready to leave it all out there; plants to fight like she’s fighting for her life

Taylor Starling & Cassie Robb (Photo- Jordan Raiff)

Cassie feels confident and ready to go; finds no animosity for Taylor as this is a natural transition and she and Taylor know each other well

Had the funniest and smoothest faceoff to date in BKFC

Content Creators had little animosity with one another

‘BLUEFACE & Kane Trujillo (Photo- Jordan Raiff)

Kane Trujillo brought a toothbrush and toothpaste for Blue Face to the face off

Dakota Olave felt more disrespected by Evil Hero over being called ‘a bum’ than he did by the big shove in Miami due to his past struggles

DK Money & Nick Ireland (Photo- Jordan Raiff)

DK Money and Nick Ireland were both incredibly laid back besides calling out their supporters in house; Nick had an absolutely packed section of fans

            BKFC will be at the Florida State Fairgrounds on 23 July, 2021. With limited tickets still available, get yours now at or order the PPV. With a total of 15 fights on the card, this promises to be one of the biggest and best BKFC events to date. They are bringing in fighters from all over the globe, and the level of talent BKFC has signed to their roster is nothing less than legendary. BE THERE OR BE SORRY!!!

Kevin Smith (Photo- Jordan Raiff)

Britain Hart (Photo- Jordan Raiff)
BOXR Team- (Photo- Jordan Raiff)

Taylor Starling & Cassie Robb (Photo- Jordan Raiff)
Paige Van Vant (Photo- Jordan Raiff)
Abdiel Velazquez (Photo- Jordan Raiff)
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