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By on July 10, 2013

Post Game press conference in today in Tampa (Eddie Michels photo)

TAMPA, FLA.–Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez (left hip) spoke with the media after his seventh rehab game Wednesday July 10, 2013.
     “I was happy with all three at bats,” said Rodriguez, “Again I found my work before the game was good and I found my work after the game was really good.  I did hit two balls right on the nose that felt pretty good.”
     As far as extending the length his game appearances Rodriguez said, “I think pretty soon.  I wouldn’t be surprised in the next 2-3 days that I get out to seven innings continued with the same rotation playing two games at third and DH one .  Taking that to three and one then four and one.”
     Rodriguez was ask about his goal for the next few days.
     “Exactly what I did today, swing at strikes, be patient and make them pay when they come in my kill zone.”
     “Reggie (Jackson) is my teacher, he has over 45-years of major experience and he reminds us of that,” said Rodriguez of the hall of famer in town.  “Reggie is great, Reggie is fun to have around, he was very helpful yesterday after the game, it was almost like golf.  You want to come in, cool down, hit some good balls and get a good feeling before you go home.”
     As to when his next game will be Rodriguez said, “I’ll play tomorrow (Thursday) then I will be off on Friday.”
     Over six games Rodriguez is just 2-15 at the plate.
     Rodriguez did stress that, “I’m anxious to get back and help the team.”

Eddie Michels photo

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