No Rattle Needed for the Butcher Babies

By on February 8, 2016
Heidi & Carla

Heidi Shepherd & Carla Harvey ( Photo-Travis Failey Mayhem Festival 2013 )

It’s been a journey of hard work, non-stop touring,album creation and even some criticism in the metal community for the Butcher Babies. On Wednesday night at the State Theatre in Saint Petersburg, The Butcher Babies proved once again that they are a legitimate player in the metal music game.

Opening for Cradle of Filth, The Butcher Babies played a vicious 10 song set of non-stop head banging metal that had chiropractors sending them thank you cards the day after the show. They also brought a large contingent of fans with them as they packed the lobby and outside the venue during the headliner’s set.


Heidi Shepherd ( Photo-Travis Failey 2016 )

We have covered The Butcher Babies many times over the last few years from small venues to large festivals like Mayhem and Welcome to Rockville. You can always expect an entertaining show dominated by their two front women, Carla Harvey and Heidi Sheperd, but the guys in the band really stood out tonight. Guitarist Henry Flury, drummer Chrissy Watson and Jason Klein on the bass are no longer just accessories. They have become a true five piece band that rely and need each other and have grown leaps and bounds musically


Henry Flury ( Photo-Travis Failey 2016 )


( Photo-Travis Failey 2016 )

Opening with “National Bloody Anthem”, The Butcher Babies attacked the crowd with crushing metal harmonies and one voice really stood out tonight. Heidi Sheperd showed off her range while harmonizing with Carla Harvey’s gritty and aggressive metal-core vocals. Heidi’s voice didn’t just bounce off the crowd but you absorbed it. She has developed into a pure singer that can cross over into different genres and make her mark, but it’s obvious from both of their performances that neither Heidi or Carla are going top 40 anytime soon.


Carla Harvey ( Photo-Travis Failey 2016 )

Butcher Babies assaulted the crowd with a combination of metal, punk, & thrash guitar riffs and drum beats when they played two other songs from their 2012 self titled EP. Those two were “Axe Wound” and the Pope’s favorite song “Jesus Needs More Babies for His War Machine.” It was a surprise to me that they left off “Mr. Slow Death” as it has been a staple of their past sets.


Heidi Shepherd ( Photo-Travis Failey 2016 )

There was plenty of moshing and shaking the stage as their isn’t a barrior between the fans and the stage. Carla, Heidi and Henry used foot high risers at the end of the stage to get as close to the fans without getting pulled into the crowd. Heidi jumped in the crowd and had the fans helping her out with the vocals during a three song medley from the 2013 release Goliath that consisted of “The Deathsurround”,”Goliath”& “I Smell a Massacre.”

“Monsters Ball” has been their biggest song on both Sirius/XM Octane and Liquid Metal and was the catalyst for the biggest pit of the night and some crowd surfing ensued in the very dark and smokey State Theatre. Security let the fans sort things out when things got too aggressive but maintained control when they needed to and got an ambulance quickly when one of the concert goers “overheated.”


Carla Harvey ( Photo-Travis Failey 2016 )

The Butcher Babies finished there set with the aforementioned “Axe Wound” and afterwards Chrissy Warner and Heidi hung out with the fans and took some pics. They have done this every time that I have seen them and they get it when it comes to post show interaction and how crucial it is. It also provides a special and memorable evening for the casual and the die hard fan.

The Butcher Babies have gone from a novelty act to a must see band as their aggression and musical acumen has grown. Sure Heidi and Carla are great to look at, but the Butcher Babies are now a band were the music stands on its own as they continue to gain fans and respect not only in the States but in the very important overseas demographic.

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Set List:

  1. National Bloody Anthem
  2. Blonde Girls All Look the Same
  3. The Butcher
  4. Gravemaker
  5. Igniter
  6. Jesus Needs More Babies for His War Machine
  7. Monster’s Ball
  8. Magnolia Blvd.
  9. The Deathsurround / Goliath / I Smell a Massacre
  10. Axe Wound
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