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Bye Bye Eye

With the outfield fence down and the batters eye gone bye bye the deconstruction of Grant Field in Dunedin, Fl. continues.  One question ask by a fan was they wanted to buy their seats in the stadium but were never told where or when.  To bad as a charity might have benefited.

Mount Vanech?

If one looks to the left center of the photo you will see the back side of the batters eye on field four at the Englebert Complex spring training home of the Blue Jays.  This landfill is on the east side of the citizen owned Louis A. Vanech Complex which City of Dunedin officials gave […]

Dunedin Golf Course “No Shop”

Well as of Wednesday May 22, 2019 the Pro-Shop at the Dunedin Golf Course is now a thing of the past.  Also it has been learned that bids have not been let out for a new structure and might not at least for another month.  At least one item is shown in the photo, the […]

Expansion of the Spring-Jays

Despite the continued deconstruction going on at Dunedin Stadium at Grant Field in Dunedin some construction is actually going on.  This photo shows the new foundations being built for the expansion of seating on the first base side of the stadium.  The seating will be expanded to about eight thousand from its present 5509.

Stewart Doubles in First Rehab

RADENTON, FLA.–Detroit Tigers left fielder Christin Stewart doubles to deep right center on Friday during his first rehab appearance for the Class-A Lakeland Flying Tigers.  Stewart suffers from a right quad injury and while with Detroit this season he has three homers with 13 RBIs while hitting .222 in 16-games.

Bring in the Closer… Save the Wetlands

Rocket Sports & Entertainment’s Eddie Michels is looking into Florida’s protected wetlands in Dunedin… what’s going on???

Out with Non-Folding

Workers started on Wednesday tearing out the old seats at the Toronto Blue Jays spring training home Dunedin Stadium at Grant Field.  The present stadium was built in 1990 with a capacity of 6106 but was reconfigured in 2003 to a capacity of 5509.  The seats being removed are the originals from 1990 and were […]

Canadian Patry in Clearwater

Earlier this week, Remi Patry of Gatineau, Quebec singles to center on a 1-2 pitch in the third inning at Jack Russell Stadium in Clearwater against St. Petersburg College.

High Cost at the Jack

Was told earlier in the week that the Toronto Blue Jays spent half a million dollars at Jack Russell and this is all I could find that might come with this high a price tag.  It’s a artificial turf half field that replaced the one there from when the Philadelphia Phillies occupied the stadium.  When […]

Blue Jays Prospects through the Lens of #EddieMichelsPhoto

RSEN’s Eddie Michels is back at it again in 2019 covering the Florida State League. Here’s a gallery of some the Blue Jays Prospects