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Upcoming: The Other Side of Sports Too

Well fans it has been a while but here is a list of future articles, story ideas that just might interest your train of thought for a time or two. First will be, can a man injure himself one way but actually do it another way and make the story sound perfect? Second is, can […]


PAY-PER-VIEW EVENT ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5 FREE PRELIMS START AT 8:00 P.M. ET/5:00 P.M. PT!! Lakeland, Fla.–Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, The World’s Fastest Growing Sport, has announced an outstanding undercard for “KNUCKLEMANIA” on Friday, February 5, 2021. The event taking place at the RP Funding Center in Lakeland, FL, is distributed by Multi Vision Media […]

Jays of Summer Staying in Dunedin

In an article earlier this week in SB Nation Bluebird Banter citing Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times, the Toronto Blue Jays look as they may be starting the MLB regular season in the cozy confines of TD Ballpark in Dunedin, Florida. Our own Eddie Michels has been on site in Dunedin and it […]

Hank Aaron’s Roommates

Back when the Braves held spring training in West Palm Beach and the race separation ran supreme in Florida HOF Hank Aaron had a couple of later famous roommates.   The first was former major leaguer and major league manager Cito Gaston.  His second later roommate was another major leaguer and major league manager Dusty Baker.  […]

Blue Jays Flagged

At 10:09 AM January 5, 2021 a Toronto Blue Jays employee desecrated the American Flag by dropping it onto the ground while trying to raise it.  According to federal law the flag must now be destroyed.  The Blue Jays employee didn’t like it when this was brought to his attention.  Then after trying to raise […]

Save the Gopher Tortoises

In the center of this photo was once a habitat for the protected Gopher Tortoises on the east side of the Toronto Blue Jays new minor league complex.  The area which used to be a City of Dunedin land fill is now the back side of the exercise mound at the complex near Narnia Court. […]

Dunedin to Residents, Jays come First

Dunedin to Residents, Jays come First

DUNEDIN, FLA. — It appears that “Freedom of Speech” along with the basic right of citizens doesn’t exist in Dunedin.  So just read on to what has happened to those who question those in charge. Photos taken from the back side of the Odom Residence at 1867 Del Oro Court in Dunedin.  The first photo […]

Oh Torn Canada (updated from 12-19-20)

It seems that once a photo and caption about damaged American and Canadian Flags appear in the press something is done.  These two empty flag poles on either side of the batters eye on field one at the Toronto Blue Jays new minor league complex are waiting for new flags.  The ones there up until […]

Former City of Dunedin Park Left in Ruin

This area which was once a children’s playground and parking lot at the citizen owned Louis A. Vanech Park in Dunedin, Fl. is still in disrepair.  The area up until a couple of months ago was used as the area for the construction trailers as the Toronto Blue Jays new spring training complex was being […]

Urena gets Minor Deal

Richard Urena signed by the Blue Jays to a minor league deal and will be invited to spring training camp.