Coming Home

By on April 6, 2013

Matt Kramer (photo by Frank Colucci)

St. Petersburg, Fla.– It’s 11 p.m. and St. Petersburg’s State Theater is packed

photo by Frank Colucci

with hundreds of fans, who, like me, have been waiting twenty years for this reunion. Saigon Kick is back. For how long?  That, my friends, is to be determined. Earlier in the day Saigon Kick did a four song performance which streamed live on 98ROCK.COM. This was the first time that the band played together on stage in over twenty years. Even the rehearsals leading up to tonight’s show were done virtually via computer from different locations across the country. Although they formed in South Florida in the late 80’s, Saigon Kick calls Tampa Bay their hometown. It goes all the way back to 1991 when they played the Rock-it Club in Tampa. Veteran Tampa DJ, “Big Rig” Ronnie Michaels, introduced the band with “The moment we have all been waiting for” and “A dream come true for me,” and by the look on everyone’s face in the crowd, the feeling was mutual. At one point in the show, singer, Matt Kramer, tells the crowd, “That it took seventeen years for the guys to even start talking and the last three years trying to put this reunion together.”  Guitarist, Jason Bieler, thanked everyone for being patient while they were being “assholes.”

Jason Beiler (photo by Frank Colucci)

Saigon Kick played for an hour and forty minutes. Their set list included nineteen songs from their first two albums, and a cover of the Beatles tune, “Dear Prudence.”  The energetic crowd sang along to every tune. (See Saigon Kick’s full set list below) The band was a bit rusty, but that was to be expected considering the length of time that has passed since their last gig. Kramer even forgot the lyrics during “What You Say” and asked someone from the crowd to come and help him out. A few other timing mistakes occurred between Kramer and Bieler, but overall it seemed like all four of the guys were having fun and were excited to be back in the groove. Kramer said “I can’t promise new music anytime soon. Hell, I can’t even promise we will make it to Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow.”  All joking aside, let’s hope that they can keep it together for themselves and their fans.

Chris McLernon (photo by Frank Colucci)

“New World” – “Suzy” – “Coming Home” – “Peppermint Tribe” – “Down By The Ocean” – “The Lizard” –“ Dear Prudence” – “Colors” – “God of 42nd Street” – “All I Want” – “Ugly” – “World Goes Round” – “What you Say” – “All Alright” – “Hostile Youth” – (encore) “My Dog” – “Month of Sundays” – “My Life” – “Love Is “On The Way – “What Do You Do”

photo courtesy of Sagion Kick


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