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Tampa, Fla.- – It’s not too soon to tell how boxing would look at Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy’s surge to return to the ring this August.
Personally, I would like to see him fight and win, it is his right to make a lasting mark in this game. Not a natural killer in the ring, Lacy’s a thinking man’s fighter, sometimes he was knocked for not giving the best effort, but a fans reality of a superman in the ring is not what makes up boxing. Well he didn’t move enough or jab enough or punch enough, but clearly his (torms and still, by the looks of his professional dedication and hard work ethic,  still has plenty of fight left.
 Lacy is certainly a chess player in the ring and he demonstrates the ability to control the space he needs until he finds the right point of attack.
With the recent signing with One Punch Boxing Promotions & Management, if you stop and think about it,  Jeff Lacy is in a great position  with his best ring tool is  is intelligence and the will give his all.
His direction appears to contribute to the evolution of the sweet science and not get caught up in the hype of a sport that rides a roller coaster, average fans focused on worshiping the highest paid moneymaker fighters and easily forget how great boxing is. Fame doesn’t appear to be Lacy’s drive,  he is focused on preparation and performance, with that being said it is refreshing to see a veteran fighter driven on the art and not the politics of the sport.
Lacy certainly has not forgotten where  he came from and the boxing public can analyze and Jeff Lacy is not going to go away. Boxing is way more than the glitter on the trunks.  Jeff Lacy; this fighter will fight,  he’s easily misunderstand  but he will stand in the middle of the ring this August and fight.
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