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By on April 9, 2013

Factory 5 Corvette, street legal prototype race car (photo: Chuck Green / Cg Photography)

St. Petersburg, Fla. – Blue Skies, warm breezes, and plenty of sunshine, Truly Chamber of Commerce weather greeted large crowds to the downtown waterfront Vinoy Park in old Northeast Saint Petersburg for the 10Th annual Festivals of Speed.

The Festivals of Speed showcase the finest in automotive technology featuring some of the best, and in some cases, rarest vehicles the industry has to offer. There is something on display to satisfy most every automotive enthusiast; even the most hard core motor head will find just the right vehicle that will leave them totally in awe. Custom exotic motorcycles, vintage automobiles, power boats, Recreational Vehicles, concept, and kit cars, even a tractor or two, the Festivals of Speed has them all.

2011 Aero 3S Motorcycle/car hybrid (photo: Chuck Green / Cg Photography)

There were many crowd favorites at Saint Petersburg. A completely chrome Nissan GT/R drew a lot of attention, a beautiful Mercedes-Benz AMG-SLS Gull Wing with a for sale sign on it, had some folks wishing their bank account was a bit larger. A B1 Stealth Bomber inspired motorcycle turned many a head. A one of a kind fully restored 1970 Sox & Martin Pro Stocker was a hit with those in love with drag racing. A brand new $338K McLaren MP4-12C Spider glistened in the Florida Sunshine. A very cool looking car/motorcycle hybrid, the Aero 3S had people scratching their heads trying to figure out if it was a car or a bike. One of the most popular among the crowd was the Beautiful black, and silver Devon GTX Viper concept car, this Devon GTX is one of only two ever produced. A pretty little red tractor caught the eye of many in attendance, most were surprised to find this little one cylinder tractor was a Porsche. A barn fresh 1930 Pierce Arrow had a lot of people asking, “What in the world is this thing?”

For details on upcoming Festivals of Speed you can visit their web site at

1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertable (photo: Chuck Green / Cg Photography)

Devon GTX Viper concept car, one of only two in existence (photo: Chuck Green / Cg Photography)

2013 MP4-12C Spider by McLaren, $338K sticker price (photo:Chuck Green / Cg Photography)

1970 Sox & Martin Pro Stock Race Car, only one still in existence (photo: Chuck Green / Cg Photography)


Farm Fresh 1930 Pierce Arrow (photo: Chuck Green / Cg Photography)

2013 Audi S5 Cabriolet Quattro (photo: Chuck Green / Cg Photography)


2011 Mercedes AMX-SLS Gull Wing (photo: Chuck Green / Cg Photography)


1957 Porsche Diesel Tractor, One Cylinder (photo: Chuck Green / Cg Photography)

Chrome 2011 Nissan GT/R Owner says it’s rated at 1100 HP  (photo: Chuck Green / Cg Photography)

B1 Stealth Bomber Custom Motorcycle (photo: Chuck Green / Cg Photography)

(B1 Stealth Bomber Custom Motorcycle was built by a local Saint Petersburg Builder, Wikked Steel. their web site is

1938 Delage D8-120 Aerosport (photo: Chuck Green / Cg Photography)

1959 Buick LeSabre (photo: Chuck Green / Cg Photography)


Aston Martin GT4 Challenge Car (photo: Chuck Green / Cg Photography)

1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass (photo: Chuck Green / Cg Photography)







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