Priscilla the “Fair” Ball Girl

By on March 12, 2013

Priscilla Daughtry in the 2013 Hooters Calendar (photo courtesy of Hooters/Priscilla Daughtry)

Clearwater, Fla.– I love this story.  And before I get into it, a special thanks to Bill Apgar for being quick behind the glass and getting Priscilla on the line.


Rocket Sports Interview (with Priscilla)


Priscilla Daughtry has caught more than just a foul ball, well fair ball.  Let’s put aside the technicalities. She has caught media attention coast to coast by making a good play at Bright House Field.    Priscilla one of the Hooters ball girls made what I think is the play of the spring  this past Saturday when the Phils were hosting the Rays.

What strikes me funny,  the fans booed.  Come on fans it’s spring training, the stats don’t count anyway, it’s practice.  You paid to see practice, Practice Allen Iverson.  I mean really, the Indians and the Angels ended in a 0-0 tie yesterday.

You who follow me know I have been outspoken about spring training games, stats do not count!  It’s practice, fans should get in free. Your team is merely getting ready for the real thing.  Ok maybe the notion of spring training being free is ridiculous, it should be real cheap and more “fair” balls should be given away.

Yes Priscilla you fielded a ball in play, very cleanly.  It was one of the best hi-lights I have seen in MLB.  You made a young boy happy with an anomaly, a fair ball that was not a home run or a traditional ground rule double. NICE!!!  And Priscilla, thanks for coming on the show, I don’t care what anyone says… it’s the play of the spring!  Stats that don’t count, but your play does.

(I need to know… were there pitchers doing sprints in the outfield too?)

“This is Rick Sassone, I’ll see you in fair territory!”

Video of the “Scoop”

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