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Gators driving to hold the 4th quarter lead.

Tampa, Fla. (RSE) January 1, 2011–New Year’s Day means one thing to a football fan.  BOWL GAMES!  This year RSE was live at the Outback Bowl in Tampa hosting a pre-game show in the press box of Raymond James Stadium.   This legendary match-up, Penn State vs. Florida was all as billed.  Penn State lead by legendary Joe Paterno against the Florida Gators and Urban Meyer.  Meyer made the decision to step down, so this would be his last game coaching the Gators. Meyer in his own right has achieved legend numbers in his short coaching tenure.

The Gators won 37-24 sending Meyer out as a winner in his last game game with the University of Florida.  RSE has put together a pictorial recount of this unbelievable event.

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Three hours before kick-off

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Legendary Joe Paterno speaks to the post game media. "We turned the ball over too many times obviously.......I don't think we let up physically, the kids really stayed in there.....I'm genuinely sorry to see him (Urban Meyer) leave college football."

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Urban Meyer and Gators kicker John Crofoot share the 2011 Outback Bowl Victory

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RSEN live pre-game show from the RJS press box left to Right; Buddy Martin from Gator Country, Keith Alan and Rick Sassone

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a post game smile from Trey Burton

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LB #40 Brandon Hicks walks off the field for the last time as a college player. Earlier in the week Brandon said, "As far as the seniors and the older guys, you know we are going to play our hearts, we know we are going to play our hearts out. We are going to everything and anything possible to get this win not only for us, but for him (Urban Meyer). It's his last game as well as ours."

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CB #36 Moses Jenkins

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Center #55 Mike Pouncey

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A big post game smile from Gators DE #34, Lerentee McCray

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Florida FS #10, Will Hill

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The Real Heroes of the Day

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Penn St. CB #2, Chaz Powell

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Matt McGloin tries to lead the Nittany Lions back in the 4th quarter. Seconds later, Lakeland safety Ahmed Black would end this Penn St. drive with a pick six that sealed the game.

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Florida fans love to win, that's what Urban Meyer gave them

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Gator fans getting ready just before kick off

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There was a Joe Paterno sighting in the stands

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Gator fans were ready to go

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(76) Marcus Gilbert, (44) Duke Lmmens, (3) Chris Rainey, and (94) Justin Trattou celebrate the Outback Bowl Victory

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Brandon Antwine celebrates with our ARMY HEROES

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Penn St. cheerleaders rally the fans in the 4th quarter.

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