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AROD Teaches

Former Yankee great Alex Rodriguez spends time by the batting cage at the New York Yankees minor leaguecomplex on Friday.  “A-Rod” is scheduled to also spend time on Saturday working with the prospects in the Yankees Instructional Camp.  

Sister Kisser in Tampa

  Blue Jays right hander Jesse Chavez (1-) allowed two runs on three hits over three innings to pick up his first win of the spring as the Blue Jays beat the Yankees 11-4.  Chavez walked one, struck out one and allowed one home run.  David Adams went 3-3 with two doubles and two RBI for the Blue Jays […]

AUDIO: Yankee Blue goes Controversial

  The Staten Island Yankees are drawing a lot of criticism over a promotional night held over the weekend. The same MLB-organization that took many steps to obtain a “cease and desist” in regards to an early-season promotion centered around Alex Rodriguez and PED’s, now appears perplexed by the backlash around their weekend fundraiser.

Long Ball! Power Outage!

  Chicks dig the long ball. This much we know! However, in recent memory there has been little for the ladies to get excited about. Here’s a look at HR and RBI numbers over the last 20 years… Alex Rodriguez was once looked at as a “sure thing” to become the all-time home run leader; not […]

Yankees Take Aim at Chris Archer

Yankees Take Aim at Chris Archer

The New York Yankees have always been revered as one of, if not the greatest franchise in Major League Baseball history. However, you’ll have a hard time convincing Chris Archer of that. Chris Archer has had excellent success against the New York Yankees. Archer, the ace of the Tampa Bay Rays this season, had faced […]

Yawkey Way vs. Bronx – Not what it used to Be

  The biggest rivalry in all of sports has taken a hit in recent years. The rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees has lacked drama and excitement since 2004. I understand that nothing will ever compare to the games played between 2003 and 2004, however, a Kentucky Mens Basketball practice in comparison, has started […]

AROD equals Circus Act

    Dunedin, Fla. — The Toronto Blue Jays beat the NY Yankees 1-0 yesterday at Florida Auto Exchange Stadium, but the story just starts there. Media embattled Yankee Alex Rodriguez batted three times and boos and a few hoorays were heard from the 5,511 in attendance.  The first at bat brought the Rodriguez opponents […]

AUDIO: A View from the Dugout: ARod a Written Apology

  Alex Rodriguez is getting lots of criticism for how he went about addressing his 2014 season-long suspension. Kris Dunn explains what else is going wrong in his View from the Dugout…

The Real Losers of PEDs

The Real Losers of PEDs

  With everything going on with Alex “A-Rod” “A-God” “A-Roid” Rodriguez (depending on which Alex you view him as) the world has once again seen the many flaws of baseball and its problem with performance-enhancing drugs. Twelve players, including Rodriguez, were suspended Monday August 5 for 50 games, but Rodriguez for 211.   Anabolic steroids, […]

Jeter / A-Rod: Who do you want Back?

Jeter / A-Rod: Who do you want Back?

Tampa, Florida –  Quite possibly the all-time favorite Yankee, Derek Jeter and “Mr. Twitter” Alex Rodriguez work side by side to get back in the action. Question:  Yankees fans who do you want back more?  Seems like a simple answer…