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AUDIO: Dunn’s Dugout View 8-3-15

  In Kris Dunn’s Dugout View The  Jays & Royals round 1, Bryce Harper no MVP, and Hey Blue you stink

Long Ball! Power Outage!

  Chicks dig the long ball. This much we know! However, in recent memory there has been little for the ladies to get excited about. Here’s a look at HR and RBI numbers over the last 20 years… Alex Rodriguez was once looked at as a “sure thing” to become the all-time home run leader; not […]

AUDIO: Bryce Harper Speaks Up

  The Washington Nationals seem to be the team-to-beat in 2015. Most people will agree on that. However, Bryce Harper is not the guy that should be reiterating those sentiments. There are several things that Harper needs to work on before I fit him for a championship ring just yet.      

More Drama for Nationals and Bryce Harper

On Monday, the Washington Nationals and All-Star outfielder Bryce Harper agreed on a two-year deal, avoiding a grievance hearing. The two sides were at odds regarding when the Scott Boras led client was to become arbitration eligible. A grievance hearing was scheduled to take place on Tuesday had they not come to terms on the […]

Youthful Revolution

Youthful Revolution

Across sports they say, “It’s a young man’s game.” No matter the sport youth is valued ahead of experience, wisdom and even talent in some cases. Sports are for athletes in their physical prime, of course we get that. But if you look across the four major American sports, there are many athletes south of […]