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Steph’s Historic Performance Buries Magic

The Orlando Magic fell victim to a historic performance by Steph Curry on Thursday night as the Golden State Warriors prevailed by a score of 130-114. Curry’s 51 points would tie for 5th most by any player against the Magic, and he would hit a blazing 20-of-27 from the field to get there. The Warriors […]

A Final Review

  After playing over 100 games and almost 5,000 minutes the NBA finals have come to an end.  The Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in 6 games and won their first NBA title in 40 years.  The NBA got the matchup it wanted and the matchup that NBA fans had been clamoring for.  […]

King vs. Curry

NBA FINALS PREVIEW It all comes down to this.  After more than 82 games and 4,000 minutes played, two teams are left.  The Golden State Warriors will battle the Cleveland Cavaliers as each team looks to make history.  For the Golden State Warriors they are looking to win their first title in 40 years.  The […]

I Ott to be a GM

I Ott to be a GM

OT with Josh, his resume for GM is up to date…