King vs. Curry

By on June 3, 2015


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It all comes down to this.  After more than 82 games and 4,000 minutes played, two teams are left.  The Golden State Warriors will battle the Cleveland Cavaliers as each team looks to make history.  For the Golden State Warriors they are looking to win their first title in 40 years.  The Cleveland Cavaliers, on the other hand, are looking to win their first ever NBA title.

This series final could also be called The Face vs The Future.  LeBron James (the face of the NBA) vs Stephen Curry (the future of the NBA).

James enters his fifth straight NBA finals looking to restore his legacy in Cleveland.  Statistically speaking, this has not been James’ best playoff performance, however leadership wise James has stepped up.  He has placed the Cavs on his shoulders and carried them into the NBA finals.  James is shooting a paltry 17.6% from beyond the arc and 32.9% from mid-range while averaging 27.6 ppg/10.4 rpg/8.3 apg.  What has been most impressive has been his willingness to share the ball with his supporting cast, where J.R. Smith is averaging 13.5 ppg along with shooting 39.6% beyond the arc and Iman Shumpert is averaging over 10 ppg.

(USA TODAY Sports / Kyle Terada)

(photo USA TODAY Sports / Kyle Terada)

The Warriors are the most complete team the Cavaliers have faced in the post season and obviously will pose the biggest challenge to James and his quest for a 3rd NBA title.  The duo of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are shooting 46% from the field with Curry leading the way averaging 29.2 ppg and Thompson averaging 19.7 ppg.  Thompson is also holding opponents to under 41% shooting.

This just might be the most talented NBA finals in a while.  And it could in fact be the most exciting finals as well, but one things for sure, this is the Warriors finals to lose and they will not lose. Warriors defeat the Cavs in 6 games.

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