Playoffs!?!? It’s time!!! It’s NBA PLAYOFF TIME!!!

By on April 18, 2014

LeBron James (6) drives to the basket between Tim Duncan (21) and Kawhi Leonard (2) during the third quarter of game seven in the 2013 NBA Finals at American Airlines Arena.(photo by: USA TODAY Sports Derick Hingle)

It’s time!!! It’s NBA PLAYOFF TIME!!!  Let me expose my thoughts and if you are a gambling man you may want to take note (Keep in mind if you win I get 10% and RSE gets 10%).  Who will win it all? Who will get Finals MVP? Who will lead their team to the Promised Land? Who will get spanked and sent home early and who will grossly embarrass themselves? Well you came to the right place; I’m here to break the playoff down for you.



Pacers vs. Hawks: Pacers win in 5. The Hawks really didn’t even want to be in the playoffs but since they are here they will pull off 1 win and exit. Lance Stephenson will chalk up another triple double and continue to make Lakers fans want him even more.

Bulls vs. Wizards: Bulls in 6. The East is so bad that the Wizards made the playoffs? My GOD!!!

Heat vs. Bobcats: Heat sweep the Cats, again how can the East be so bad that a team as bad as the Bobcats make the playoffs? HOW?????

Raptors vs. Nets: Nets win in 5. Here is my EAST DARK HORSE…  I was pretty hard on the 1st year DUI coach earlier and called for him to be fired. I can admit I was wrong, Jason Kidd was able to turn his team around and use the 265 years of experience between Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to his advantage.


Spurs vs. Mavs: Spurs in 5. Mavs are not the team they were when they luckily won the Championship a few years ago.

Rockets vs. Blazers: Blazers in 6. NO TEAM WITH DWIGHT HOWARD WILL EVER WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP, D12 is the T.O. of the NBA.

Thunder vs. Grizzlies:  Thunder in 5. KD is the damn man and he is on a mission.

Clippers vs. Warriors: Warriors in 7. NO TEAM OWNED BY Donald Sterling will ever win a ring.


Conference Semi’s:


Pacers vs. Bulls: Pacers win in 6. No Deng, no Rose… no chance!

Heat vs. Nets: wait for it… wait for it… Nets in 7!!! Not sure what else to say other than it’s a gut feeling.



Spurs vs. Blazers: Blazers in 7! Yep another upset and the reason is simple Damian Lillard is a damn BEAST!!!

Thunder vs. Warriors: Thunder in 5. Again KD is unstoppable and proves why he is the MAN!


Conference Finals:


Pacers vs. Nets: Pacers in 6. Youth and speed prevail!


Blazers vs. Thunder: Thunder in 6. It’s just their year people, it’s just their year.


OKC vs. Pacers:  OKC in 6… KD named Finals MVP after putting up at least 30 in each of the games in the finals.

Roy Hibbert, Indiana Pacers (photo USA Today Sports / Marc Lebryk)


After the playoffs we watch Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh both leave the Heat, leaving Lebron there to rebuild a team that will not make it back to the finals anytime soon.

Lance Stephenson leaves Indiana and takes his talents to the land of Purple and Gold (LAKERS).

Dwight Howard will blame his sub-par stats on his teammates and continue to be a turd.

Everybody will be left wondering how the Bobcats and the Raptors even made into the postseason.

GO Place your bets.

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